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Short Version:

Permaculture-topic Weekends at WiseEarth 2007

  • March 24-25 Introduction to Permaculture
  • April 14-15 Mapping and Design
  • May 19-20 Edible Abundance
  • June 9-10 Healthy Soils
  • July 7-8 Appropriate Energy and Housing
  • July 28-29 Beneficial Animals
  • August 11-12 Living in the Forest
  • September 8-9 Water and Clean Watersheds
  • September 29-30 Community Design

only $75 if registered 10 days before class. Take all 9 classes for $600. Held at the Wise Earth Ecological Landtrust in Maltby, WA (25 miles from Seattle)

More info at, it will be updated soon!

Also, email

Long Version:

Weekends at WiseEarth 2007

  • All Classes Are Relevant To Both Urban and Rural Sites

March 24-25 Introduction to Permaculture: ethics, principles, and current applications in the Puget Sound bioregion. Learn the important language of sustainable-design-thinking and the beginning steps for it's application in your life. Teachers: Josho Somine, Kelda Miller, Albert Postema

April 14-15 Mapping & Design: Weave observations into useful base maps and learn how permaculture design creates truly self-reliant systems. Bring as much information about your site as you can! Teachers: Heidi Bohan, Josho Somine, Albert Postema

May 19-20 Edible Abundance: Use planning and species choice to create edible forest gardens and polycultures. Also learn the basics of plant propagation and maintenance, landscaping, grafting/orchards. Teachers: Kelda Miller, Heidi Bohan, Albert Postema

June 9-10 Healthy Soils: Learn bioremediation techniques, mushrooms, composting, hugelkulture, and how to heal our soils. The Wise Earth site has been harshly managed in its pre-permaculture past; has yours been too? Teachers: Kelda Miller, Josho Somine, Albert Postema

July 7-8 Appropriate energy and housing: Get energy we need through smart use of resources: conservation, 'passive' technologies, solar/wind/hydro electricity, and homemade fuels. And the next day, the building basics of natural and/or 'green' structures; what they are and what is appropriate for your site. Teachers: Emily Heindsmann, Josho Somine, Albert Postema

July 28-29 Beneficial Animals: Learn the benefits of both domestic and wild animals on your land. Basic animal husbandry will cover bees, chickens, ducks, goats, cows, etc. Also learn about original animal inhabitants and how to reinvite them through the restoration of functional habitat. Teachers: Heidi Bohan, Kelda Miller, Albert Postema

August 11-12 Living in the Forest: Permaculture in the Puget Sound. Learn wildcrafting, ethnobotany, agroforestry, and traditional land-use management techniques. Ecological restoration with the Permaculture touch. Teachers: Heidi Bohan, Kelda Miller, Albert Postema

September 8-9 Water and Clean Watersheds: Saving and using water on your site through swales, catchments, and potable filtrations. Also, learn the technologies that sustainably manage stormwater, greywater, and blackwater. Teachers: Kelda Miller, Josho Somine, Albert Postema

September 29-30 Community Design: City repair, social justice, landtrusts, ecovillages, halting urban sprawl, and rewilding the whole bioregion. Also, exciting alternatives to destructive economics systems. Teachers: Kelda Miller, Emily Heindsmann, Albert Postema, Josho Somine

Permaculture is the integration of sustainable agriculture and social culture, in order to develop abundant human lifestyles that minimize harm to the planet. Through studying permaculture, you will learn design systems based on the natural world. You will be immersed in an innovative process of creating healthy plant and human communities that can be applied to urban and rural areas.

Permaculture is an international network involving many thousands of people which offers a vast storehouse of practical techniques and strategies gathered from around the globe and throughout history. The course instructors are not only skilled growers familiar with thousands of plant species, but also dedicated activists committed to social and environmental justice.

Come join us. Lets create the change.

Our current cultural paradigm is rapidly becoming obsolete. Our aim is to create a system that works for all beings. We are creating a shift in our world by developing alternative methods of sharing information, challenging institutions of power, and questioning our cultural agenda.

We share knowledge openly to address current social and environmental challenges. Human freedom comes from knowledge and is an important part of ending the current social and ecological crisis. We are empowered to actively prepare for an unpredictable future characterized by an unstable economy, decentralization, and the decline of authoritarianism and global industrialism. We explore possibilities for the cultivation of a society based on connection, interdependence, and inclusiveness.

Wise Earth Ecological Land trust is nestled by a 13 acre family nursery operation and 67 acre certified FSC forest. There is 5 acres consisting of mature second growth forest, abandoned 1930ís homestead, small orchard and gardens.

Logistics: We will begin on Saturdays at 9am, and have a potluck lunch. All other meals will be served from the kitchen, primarily using organic and local foods. We will be tent camping within a partially-heated greenhouse, so plan accordingly. There will be evening festivities. We will convene Sunday at 4pm.

Cost: $75 per weekend if pre-registered 10 days before. (Thereafter the price is $90). We need a minimum of 20 students for each class, and any cancellations will be decided 9 days before the start date. Register for all 9 weekends for $600.

Visit the website at For more information email To register contact Tami at


Heidi Bohan: Native plant specialist, ethnobotanist, woodworking, architecture, and self-sufficiency instructor. Duvall, WA.

Emily Heindsmann: Building community through creative collaborations, based on principles and practices of whole systems, permaculture, natural building and City Repair. Seattle, WA

Kelda Miller: Sustainable communities, urban permaculture, and anti-sprawl activist. Puyallup, WA.

Albert Ijan Postema: Wood elf, soils engineer, wastewater management, nursery, green builder, founder Earthwise Excavation, Maltby, WA.

Josho Somine: Natural builder, designer, sculptor, teacher, with lots of westcoast, international, and urban permaculture experience. Seattle, WA

~Change is Inevitable. Please visit for Updates~

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