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Northwest Ecobuilding Guild The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild is an association of builders, designers, homeowners, tradespeople, manufacturers, suppliers and others interested in ecologically sustainable building.

Ancient Earth School of Natural BuildingAncient Earth School of Natural Building is an organization dedicated to experiential education through building sustainable structures with natural materials. Located on Whidbey Island. is a not-for-profit site created to share yurt information and assist the worldwide yurt community in making connections. We will continue to expand this site as the yurt movement expands. We welcome your questions, feedback and any information you'd like to share with the yurt community. Becky Kemery has lived in yurts for many years in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. She is currently at work on what she hopes will be the first comprehensive book on yurts, while living in her own canvas yurt on a 20-acre permaculture homestead in North Idaho. YURT: Living in the Round, is scheduled for release with Gibbs-Smith, Publishers in Fall of '06. Becky's articles on sustainable building are available online at Alternatives Magazine and Hopedance.

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