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Hello Seattle Permaculture Guild!

Newsletter for Early November 2006




Permaculture course -







Thursday, November 9th,7 p.m.

How to Grow All Your Own Produce in 2 1/2 Years: An (r)Evolution Disguised as Organic Gardening a permaculture slideshow by Marisha Auerbach

Marlene's Market & Deli Federal Way Suggested donation: $10 Federal Way, WA

Do you want to grow your own food, all of it, year round? Do you have limited time and availability to establish a system to do that? As petroleum becomes more expensive and the cost of produce rises, this new (old?) model for sustainable nourishment whispers subtle echoes of urban food security. A perennial forage system functions much like a natural ecological system, and yields year round produce with minimal work. The framework presented by this approach to gardening can by applied to many bioregions. After two years of developing this system in the Maritime Northwest, Marisha has been eating fruits and vegetables primarily from her garden, a bounty which provides most of her income as well as enough surplus produce and craft materials to give away and trade for other supplies. This presentation is an invitation for you to visit Marisha’s garden through slides and philosophy. She will be discussing how you can work towards self-reliance in produce if you have property to work with as well as guerrilla tactics to grow more food and flowers in the urban areas. This workshop offers an opportunity to create cultural change through gardening.

For more information, contact Marlene's Market & Deli, Federal Way at (253) 839-0933 or check out the website at

November 10-12th - The Future of Farming: Tilth Producers Conference

Tilth Producers of Washington's annual conference, “The Future of Farming,” will be held Nov. 10-12, 2006 at the Red Lion at the Quay in Vancouver, Washington. The conference will build on three decades of efforts to transform agriculture in Washington State.

Friday's day-long Washington State University Symposium, Farming for Food Quality, will raise awareness of the agricultural factors that influence food quality, including crop genetics and production practices. By providing information that links food quality to specific practices and production systems, food processors, manufacturers, farmers, and consumers can make more informed choices in the ongoing effort to enhance the quality of the American food supply.

Saturday begins with a keynote address, “Bringing the Food Economy Home,” by Helena Norberg-Hodge, a leading analyst on the impact of the global economy on cultures and agriculture world wide. Workshops on Saturday afternoon and Sunday include: “Organic Dairy Production” by Andrew Dykstra and John Banson; “Decisions Facing Beginning Farmers” by Colin Barricklow, Genine Bradwin, Mike Peroni; “Agricultural Labor and Sustainability” by Mike Gempler, Maria Cuevas and Rosalinda Guillen; and “Creating a Locally-Based Regional Food System” by Harry MacCormack, among many others.

Tilth Producers of Washington is an independent nonprofit association of organic and sustainable growers, agricultural businesses and researchers. The statewide group promotes ecologically sound, economically viable and socially equitable farming practices that improve the health of Washington's communities and natural environment. More information is available online at or by calling (206) 442-7620.

Saturday Nov. 18th - Wild Thyme Farm Saturday workshop series - Transplanting and new garden establishment.

  • farm tour with John at 9am
  • workshop 10am -2:30pm
  • potluck lunch 2:30pm with a hearty vegetarian soup and salad from the farm's gardens
  • email for RSVP/directions or call 360-273-7117

We will be focusing on dividing and transplanting perennials and shrubs, divisions of some varieties will be available. Expanding our productive main garden space we will create some new beds and mulch them for winter.

December 1st - Build a WISER Commons

Peace, friends and neighbors. A number of individuals and groups are collaborating in a number of ways to create more sustainable communities.

The Natural Capital Institute and the Interra Project presents: Build a WISER Commons

The Interra Project, along with Wiser Earth and Wiser Business (projects of the Natural Capital Institute) invite you to a half day session on Friday, December 1st, 2006, to be kicked off with a presentation by Paul Hawken. The doors will open at 8:30 AM at Town Hall at 1119 8th Avenue, Seattle, 98101. The event is downstairs -- use the Seneca Street entrance.

- We are more together -

We are cooperating to create a Sustainability Commons. The Commons is a network of cooperators creating a common-pool resource of sustainability focused information and tools. The Commons is a "control-free zone" in which participants agree to create Public Goods used by all members of society. Paul Hawken will participate and present the WISER framework for connecting the civil society, private and public sectors.

A Commons is not about forming one big umbrella. We are using enabling technologies to connect our umbrellas to enhance what each of us offers our constituencies; and to extend the reach of the information we are sharing.

Measurable outcomes include the quality, usefulness, and completeness of the information that each of us has access to and increasing the numbers of people viewing our shared information.

- We are open -

This half day session is strategic and will not focus on the technical details. Whatever technologies we utilize will be open and use a "creative commons license" or "copyleft" approach and be maintained for the public good.

Our goal for the session is to build upon the momentum to bring a Commons into form. .

We will demonstrate WISER (World Index for Social and Environmental Responsibility), an open source platform that enables private sector, civil society, and government to collaboratively address and solve social, economic and environmental problems.

"The world changes when networks of relationships form among people who share a common cause and vision of what's possible."

- We think it is time and hope you can join us -

We recognize and appreciate the work you are doing and invite you to consider joining with us. Coming to the session does not commit you to any further participation. Table space will be provided so you can promote your work.

$10.00 covers the cost of Town Hall (no one will be turned away)

- Please RSVP so we can prepare -

You can purchase tickets online at

If you plan to purchase a ticket at the door or if you have any questions please contact Jon Ramer ( (206) 972-7356 or Habib Rose (

If you have a laptop bring it!

- The Interra Project -

The Interra Project’s mission is to empower a community based movement of citizen consumers by providing tools for a direct alignment between daily economic activities and our deepest human values.

- Wiser -

Wiser’s mission is to create a common language, collaborative tools, and a comprehensive, freely accessible, and transparent body of knowledge, enabling a transformation to a restorative economy. This powerful tool for social change encompasses the sister sites WiserEarth — connecting social and environmentally focused non-profits worldwide, and WiserBusiness — guiding companies of all sizes toward responsible business practices.

The Interra Project and Wiser Business are working to cohesively tie together networks in a way that makes conscious consumption and responsible business easily accessible and a systemic part of everyday life.

"This we know; The earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth. This we know, all things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected."

--Chief Si'ahl, Namesake of the City of Seattle

In Community,

Steve "Habib" Rose - - Seattle, Washington, USA 98122

December 9th - 7-11pm - Winter Celebration @Phinney Neighborhood Center

From Brian Allen:

As part of a continuing effort to cross-fertilize the super-cool permaculture-related projects in the Seattle Area, the Central Puget Sound chapter of the Northwest Ecobuilding Guild(NWEBG) is sponsoring a JOINT holiday party with Solar Washington, Seattle City Repair and Seattle Permaculture Guild!

NWEBG and SolarWA are putting up about $1,500 to rent a big space at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, hire a great local Folk band(Anna Coogan & North 19 ) , and get enough food to feed a few hundred attendees. We're also lining up donations of $1,200 in wine, beer, and coolio door prizes.

We would really LOVE to have SPG and City Repair members come and celebrate everything that's right in the world with us. Since we know that both groups *don't* have lots 'o money, we're hoping that SPG and City Repair can instead put together a group of dedicated members who are psyched about decorating the place in a way that really brings out the values of permaculture and makes it feel like a place of love, spirit, and celebration during the dark days of Winter! (Yes, loaded allegory in 2006, I know. Go with that idea. Also, think: awesome tea room decorations at the Art of Community Conference).

I'm the volunteer coordinator for EBG, so please contact me if you are willing to help coordinate SPG's role in this. I can always use help lining up the Beer, Wine and Prize donations, too. Here's my cell: (206) 605-3008 or email at

Saturday Dec 16th - Wild Thyme Farm Saturday workshop series - Berry Orchard establishment and maintenance.

  • farm tour with John at 9am
  • workshop 10am -2:30pm
  • potluck lunch 2:30pm with a hearty vegetarian soup and salad from the farm's gardens
  • email for RSVP/directions or call 360-273-7117

Berry Orchard establishment and maintenance.


Non tribe members can send event info to This info will be compiled by a rotating volunteer twice a month and posted to the permaculture website, the tribe, and emailed to the guild list. If you've planned an event, and didn't make the newsletter, take advantage of tribe and post your event there.

  • We’re going to aim for meeting once a month for folks interested in making sure the guild is running smoothly. Please come!
  • Organization of events and volunteers will be headed by whoever cares about the specific task the most! If you have an event idea, etc. consider organizing it. If not, perhaps post it on the guild’s wiki and someone else might pick it up.
  • For members who like networking online, want to check on last minute events, or post last minute stuff, etc.

check out the Seattle Permaculture Guild at and join the tribe.


  • The Seattle Permaculture Guild is looking for a volunteer to work with Nova High School students. Perhaps one of us lives on First Hill and would love this project? What is needed is someone to facilitate permaculture-oriented projects in their garden, as well as share skills with the students. Kelda will be able to help with the first hands-on (tidying up unfinished hands-on projects) and introduce permaculture to the students, but someone else will be needed to continue, perhaps on a monthly basis. If interested, please contact Kelda at 324-3632.
  • More events needed. Please organize one and send updates to
  • collect info on PC sites around town
  • Write/share articles on any topic related to permaculture
  • Create display for tabling at events
  • Staff table at upcoming events (eg Fremont Solstice Parade)


  • From Marisha Auerbach


The wind and rain of autumn are upon us and I have been nestling into my new location in Olympia, Fertile Ground Guesthouse and Community Center.

This beautiful example of urban permaculture is on a double lot in downtown Olympia, directly behind the Timberland Library.

We are available to host many events, including pizza parties for local non-profits using our cob oven.

Fertile Ground will be the location for many upcoming events in the future. We have diverse facilities here at Fertile Ground, including a great kitchen for classes, musical instruments, and a studio/classroom space with projection possibilities. Please contact me if you are interested in using our space for your event as well. Check out our website at


From Maria on 9/19/06: Local Bamboo Garden Work - A friend of a friend is selling her nursery business in Redmond and liquidating. She needs some temporary help on the weekends from now until Thanksgiving. If you are interested, please contact Jeannine Florance at 206-898-1552.

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