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Antioch University Seattle rich tradition of community engagement, sustainable change and social justice

Seattle Tilth Association Seattle Tilth inspires and educates people to garden organically, conserve natural resources and support local food systems in order to cultivate a healthy urban environment and community

Center for Urban Horticulture Sustaining managed to natural ecosystems and the human spirit through plant research, display, and education.

[[| Master Gardeners]]WSU Extension trains volunteers interested in gardening as horticulture advisors and resource people for home gardeners. During a 68-hour course, trainees learn about plant science, home horticulture, integrated pest management, garden maintenance, plant problem diagnosis, environmentally sound gardening practices, and how to effectively share their knowledge with others.


Ravencroft Gardens By learning to work with nature we have learned to cultivate personal, community and global health

[[|Environmental Education Association of Washington]] “comprised of teachers, agency people, business representatives and community educators dedicated to offering and promoting effective environmental education to all sectors of Washington.

[[| Seattle Public Library]]

Bastyr University “one of the world's leading academic centers for advancing knowledge in the natural health sciences.”

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