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Hello Seattle Permaculture Guild!

Newsletter for Mid-August 2006



Peak Food by Michael Pilarski


Permaculture course -





Peak Food by Michael Pilarski

By now, most of us have heard of "peak oil". Few people as yet are using the term "peak food". If world oil production has peaked and begun the downward decline, what about world food production? I asked myself this question in early July. Upon researching this question my preliminary conclusion is that world food production peaked in 2004.

A lot more details can be found in my recent Peak Food article at :


August 19th - Saturday - Day Workshop in Redmond 'Mapping and Design'

9am-12 class, with potluck vegan(raw cuisine appreciated) lunch, and workparty afternoon

Instructor: Kelda Miller cost $10, plus afternoon work-party if you can stay!

Pre-registration required, class limited to 20.

Permaculture is a design system for creating and restoring habitats of sustainable human lifestyles. In practice, it is often the combination of organic food forests with appropriate technologies, natural building, etc. into an ecosystem that can manage itself. In this class we'll be learning the first steps: how to see what's there, map it, and create a vision of what the land can be. This is on a home site that is in the beginning process of implementing many permaculture techniques.

For more information and directions email

August 20th - Sunday

Hey all, looks like I will be going to the oven building class (as long as it isn't canceled) so I was thinking it would be cool to have a cob workshop at my place august 20th. How about arrive at 9:30, break for lunch, build more in the afternoon, and then for those just interested in the pizza part, you can come to the party around 6:00, bring something to share, and we will have a good time burning stuff :-)

RSVP 206 767 0976, or, so I know how much help to expect, and, also, how many provisions I need to provide..........thanks, looking forward to seeing you all soon, Amy

August 23 - Convergence of the Tribes: Wednesday 6:30-9pm at Linden Orchards (N. 67th and Linden in the Phinney Neighborhood). Potluck co-hosted by City Repair Seattle, NW EcoBuilding Guild, NW Biodiesel Network and the SPG.

August 25-27th - Northwest Regional Permaculture and Bioregional Gathering will be held at Dharmalaya in Eugene, Oregon Cost is $50 including food

Visit Eugene Permaculture Guild for more details.

September 8th - 10th - Art of Community Northwest: Co-Opportunities for Sustainability

Possible site visits to communities in the area during the day 9/8

Where: Bastyr University in Kenmore (near Seattle) -

Why: To promote and support communities that recognize and practice sustainability

What: Interactive workshops/playshops, plenary speakers, music, art, fun live auction, networking opportunities, tables available for groups.

  • Meet People from Existing and Forming Communities: Ecovillages,

Cohousing, Egalitarian, Housing Cooperatives, Collectives

  • Build Real Community Where You Are: at home, at work, at church, in

other organizations

  • Tools You Can Use: Facilitation, Consensus, Ecological Assessments
  • Be More Sustainable: Green Building, Local Agriculture, Bio-Diesel,


For details go to :

September 8 -10th - We are holding our 2nd annual biofuels/veggie conversion course at the Bullock homestead.

Currently there is space for four cars to be converted. Participants pay for parts, we put them in.


Chris Shanks

September 9th - 10 am to 4 pm Seattle Tilth's 2006 Harvest Fair

Meridian Park in the Wallingford Neighborhood

Bring the entire family to the Harvest Fair. Shop at the Organic Farmer's Market, enjoy live Music. Learn about raising chickens in your backyard and visit the Community Village of farm, food and environmental groups to get you involved.

Activities and learning experiences in the Children's Garden include SlugWorld, Veggie Bowling, Squash Car Racing, worm bin exploration, scarecrow building, sensory tour of the children's garden, and crafts. All children and parents are invited to prepare for and join in the Harvest Parade at 12 noon to celebrate the local farms and their harvest. Learn about composting food waste in worm bins and Green Cones.

Did you Plant a Row for the Hungry? Backyard gardeners are invited to bring part of their harvest to donate to Lettuce Link, to provide fresh foods to feeding programs for the hungry. Or buy extra produce from the local farmers to donate.

Volunteers will be harvesting hundreds of pounds of apples from the trees in Meridian Park to support local food banks.

The event is free thanks to our generous sponsors:

  • Stonyfield Farm Yogurt,
  • PCC Natural Markets,
  • WE Design,
  • Northgate Chiropractic,
  • Cascade Harvest Coalition,
  • Pioneer Organics and
  • Solar Washington.

Go to for more info.

WHAT: Permaculture Clinic: Building Soil Life Using Sheet Mulch Techniques

WHEN: Saturday, September 9, 2006 from 11:00am - noon

WHERE: Seattle Tilth Demonstration Garden, 4649 Sunnyside AVE N, Seattle, WA 98103.

Sheet mulching is an easy and inexpensive way to convert a lawn to a garden and now is the time to do it! We will teach you various sheet mulching methods for different applications and demonstrate how to build a sheet mulch that will build and enhance your soil and allow you to grow an abundant vegetable garden. We will also cover how to plant vegetable starts into a newly built sheet mulched bed. This clinic is essential for anyone wanting to create new garden beds or replenish deleted soils.

COST: $10 for Tilth members, $12 for non-members, pre-registration is required. To register go to and download a registration form.

WHAT: Permaculture Clinic: Cultivating Plant Communities in Your Garden

WHEN: Saturday, September 9, 2006 from 1:00pm – 2:00pm

WHERE: Seattle Tilth Demonstration Garden, 4649 Sunnyside AVE N, Seattle, WA 98103.

This clinic will show you how to plant your fall vegetable garden using planting techniques found in nature. We will teach you how to plant your garden in a way that will maximize your harvest and add diversity and beauty to your site. Topics that will be covered include interplanting, succession planting, companion planting, polycultures and plant guilds. This class will introduce the concept of creating a food forest in your backyard and will give you the skills to start right away!

COST: $10 for Tilth members, $12 for non-members, pre-registration is required. To register go to and download a registration form.

September 15th-30th - Permaculture Design Course - At the EcoVillage in Port Townsend, WA Instructors: Jenny Pell, Larry Santoyo, Chuck Estin, & many local guests

This course will focus on building practical design and hands-on skills for immediate application in your home, neighborhood, and community. We will examine in-depth strategies for local self-reliance, community development, and thriving local economies.

Join us in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for a 14-day intensive!

  • Permaculture design principles and methodologies
  • Reading landscapes, mapping, and site analysis
  • Patterns in nature
  • Plant propagation and seed saving
  • Indigenous cultivation, traditions, and practices
  • Perennial polycultures and food forests
  • Alternative technologies
  • Water catchment, pond building, and aquaculture
  • Whole systems theory and Ecoliteracy
  • Herbs and medicinal plants
  • Integrated animal systems
  • Passive and active solar designs
  • Natural building, Ecovillage design, and more...

Cost: $1,000 to $600 sliding scale---discounted price includes worktrade. Includes delicious vegetarian meals made from local and farm-fresh foods

Deadline to apply: September 1, 2006. $250 non-refundable deposit required.

For complete details and to register please contact Jenny Pell: or (206) 949-0496

Tel: (360) 385-1991 Cell: (206) 949-0496


October 4-22 - Wise Earth Deep Ecological Permaculture Design Course:

$580 if registered before 9/22, more expensive after

Join us for 2-plus weeks in Permaculture immersion on the Wise Earth Ecological Landtrust outside Woodinville, WA. Learn permaculture design and techniques with many great hands-on projects: edible and useful plants, hugelkulture, ponds and swales, chickens, natural building, greywater, etc. We will also be travelling to and setting up a Permaculture demonstration camp at the Okanogan Family Barterfaire. Teachers are Marisha Auerbach, Kelda Miller, Albert Postema and many great guest instructors including Michael Pilarski, Sam Bullock, Heidi Bohan. Registration info: Tami at 360-668-2452 or


Non tribe members can send event info to This info will be compiled by a rotating volunteer twice a month and posted to the permaculture website, the tribe, and emailed to the guild list. If you've planned an event, and didn't make the newsletter, take advantage of tribe and post your event there.

  • We’re going to aim for meeting once a month for folks interested in making sure the guild is running smoothly. Please come!
  • Organization of events and volunteers will be headed by whoever cares about the specific task the most! If you have an event idea, etc. consider organizing it. If not, perhaps post it on the guild’s wiki and someone else might pick it up.
  • For members who like networking online, want to check on last minute events, or post last minute stuff, etc.

check out the Seattle Permaculture Guild at and join the tribe.


  • More events needed. Please organize one and send updates to
  • collect info on PC sites around town
  • Write/share articles on any topic related to permaculture
  • Create display for tabling at events
  • Staff table at upcoming events (eg Fremont Solstice Parade)


From Seattle Tilth:

The Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair is coming on September 9th from 10am to 4pm and it is going to be a fantastic event this year! Many hands are needed to make it all happen and volunteering is a great way to contribute to Seattle Tilth, have fun meeting like-minded people, and feel great about your efforts. Let us know your preferred shift and time slot by sending an email to with "Harvest Fair Volunteer!" in the subject line or call our Volunteer Line 206-633-5045 x 1. A full schedule of volunteer needs is available at Thank you for helping Tilth host this wonderful community event - we couldn't do it without you!

  • Volunteer for the 2nd Annual Community Fruit Tree Harvest!

Rather than letting backyard fruit fall and rot on the ground, residents in Wallingford, Fremont, Phinney, and the University District neighborhoods can donate their surplus fruit to those who need it most - to our local food banks and meal programs.

For its second year, the Community Fruit Tree Harvest, a partnership between Lettuce Link of the Fremont Public Association and Seattle Tilth, will organize volunteers to glean healthy fruit from neighborhood trees and deliver it to local meal programs.

Meet new people, eat fruit, learn about fruit trees, and fight hunger! Come join our efforts to connect nutritious, organically grown produce to low-income individuals and families in Seattle neighborhoods.

How can you get involved and fight hunger?

Volunteer to pick fruit! To sign up, call Lettuce Link at 206.694.6754. Volunteer commitments are 2 hour shifts, August to October, Tuesday evenings and/or Saturday mornings. Visit our website at:

Donate fruit from your fruit trees! To register, call the Natural Lawn & Garden Hotline at 206-633-0224 or email Tree owners will be asked a series of questions, followed by a possible visit to determine if the fruit is healthy enough for donation and accessible. If it is, volunteers will come out to do the leg -- and ladder -- work.

  • House of Peas Community House - 2 Rooms Available Soon!

We, Rob, Paul, Dane (14 years old), Hedy, Maria and Noah (6 years old) are a community of people who choose to live cooperatively and consciously to create a better way of life. We strive to be more than just housemates and are attempting to create a community, one in which people care for each other and this place we call home. This includes participating in various community projects, cooking, housekeeping, organic gardening and sharing one or two meals together a day. In addition, three of us have permaculture experience (a natural design methodology). We strive to take that experience and incorporate into our daily lives.

Who are we? Rob is a semi-pro soccer athlete, Paul manages an online community, Dane, Paul's son, is a creative high school student and aspiring film maker, Hedy, our resident angel, is an artist, dancer, martial artist, and cook, Maria is an herbalist, doula and life-long explorer of the ancient ways, and Noah, Maria's son, adds his own creative personality to our community. We strive to care for one another and for the natural systems that nuture us; therefore, no smoking or drugs of any kind on the property.

We practice open communication, recycling, composting, organic cooking and pesticide-free gardening and community living (an on-going personal growth experience... :)

The house, a craftsman, is a pleasant, 3 floor structure with lots of light and is 3 blocks north of Green Lake. There are 3 living rooms, 2 kitchens, 3 refrigerators, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 washers, 2 dryers, 1 large deck, 1 porch, 1 raised bed emerging garden with all day sun and 1 herbal, kitchen garden with most-of-the-day sun, 2 plum trees and 1 fig tree.

Currently, we have 1 room available, it is on the top floor, facing south, is approximately 10 feet by 13.5 feet with attic-type sloping ceiling. Another room will be available August 15th and is 10.5 x 12.5 ft. with 9' ceiling. Rent is $500 per month plus utilities. To move in you'll need first and last month's rent (no deposit).

Our house is open for people with children, couples or individuals who would like to be a part of this still developing community household. Unfortunately, we cannot have pets. We would prefer more female energy at the moment.

If you think you'd be interested in being a participant in this household, please tell us a little about yourself and what you are looking for in a community. Send e-mail to paul at

Thanks! (remove end of august06)

All this and more at Check out our wiki and post permaculture info (see May events newsletter for details).

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