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Hello Seattle Permaculture Guild!



  • July 9th - DenCity Research Visioning Potluck 5-9pm
  • July 12-13th -(Wednesday-Thursday) Workshop with Sandor Ellix Katz (author of Wild Fermentation) and Frank Cook
  • July 14th - Wise Earth Ecological Landtrust - open house -(rescheduled from July 1)
  • July 15th - Urban Permaculture class - at the Hoedown in Arlington
  • July 17th - Neighbors Fighting Global Warming - Public meeting - Phinney neighborhood.
  • July 17th, Three week Permaculture design course, with the Bullocks
  • July 22nd - Path-making workparty at Linda's Gaia's Paradise - Vashon Island
  • July 22-23 Cob Oven Building Workshop with professionalnatural builder Chariti Li Montez in Olympia, Washington.
  • July 21-23rd, Basic plasters/floor workshop with Bernhard Masterson
  • July 23rd - Wise Earth Ecological Landtrust - open house -(rescheduled from July 14)
  • July 26th - Insulated Rammed Earth with Meror Krayenhoff at NW Ecobuilder Assn meeting
  • August 10th - Seattle Tilth - Permaculture workshop for the urban dweller
  • August 12-13th Earth Ovens, with ancient earth school of natural building
  • August 23rd - Convergence of the Tribes
  • September 8th - Art of Community Northwest: Co-Opportunities for Sustainability
  • September 15th-30th - Permaculture Design Course - At the EcoVillage in Port Townsend, WA





July 9 - DenCity Research Visioning Potluck 5-9pm Have you ever wanted to live with other people? Have you actually done this? What is your fantasy community? We want to know! Come share your thoughts on intentional communities and at the next Visioning Potluck at the Fountain House 822 22nd ave, zip 98122. Between cherry and union in the central district. We will present some ideas and models of different living communities in the region, as well as one that the host group DenCity Research has been working on. Please bring good food, open minds and good friends. This is open to all, so feel free to forward this message. Remember an intentional community is any where people come together with a common intent. This is as simple as riding a bus with the same people on a daily basis. How do you choose to interact with the community around you? Love,Morgan 206.406.5523

July 12-13 (Wednesday-Thursday) Workshop with Sandor Ellix Katz (author of Wild Fermentation) and Frank Cook Wild Thyme Farm - Oakville, WA (~40 minutes south of Olympia)

In this workshop we will spend time walking outdoors, getting to know some local plants and harvesting edibles and medicinals, and together we will make kimchi, tempeh, idli, kefir, herbal elixer meads, and much more.

For information contact Morgan at 360-292-0416 or Shari at 360-273-7117 or email

July 15 - Urban Permaculture class - at the Hoedown in Arlington, before the party begins, a 2hour class: Come learn how to observe and design sustainable ecosystems even if you live in the city. These techniques are applicable, and often revolutionary, everywhere. Hands-on stations include DIY seedballs, hayboxes, waterfilters, and grafting. Donations accepted for materials cost; if you can, bring seeds, grafting knife, cooking pot...." contact for more info

July 17th - Neighbors Fighting Global Warming - Public meeting - Phinney neighborhood. Contact Cecile Andrews for details at 783 1152 or email

July 17 - August 6 Permaculture Design Course at the Bullocks Homestead on Orcas Island. Almost full! For more info go to or email .

July 22nd, 9am - Path-making workparty at Linda's Gaia's Paradise - Vashon Island

You will be amazed at the progress that has been made since some of you were here last! The yards are all sculpted out: there's a circular yin/yang garden with keyholes, in the front yard looking out my kitchen window. There are mutiple raised beds of all shapes and sizes along the contours...there's a circular seating area between the house and the parking lot...there's deer fencing all around, with 5 gates...there's Adam's fabulous transition gated arbor leading in what I am calling Gaia's Paradise.

There's food, food, food, growing everywhere.

Now! For the icing on that 3 layer sheet mulch 'cake' we started last Fall. Path material! Straight from my land! I would like to rent a chipper for the day, and have a path-making workparty with tree limbs and slash chipped from my own property. I also have some already chipped material elsewhere on the island, waiting for us to come haul away, should we need it. There may even be other surprise tasks you may wish to tackle.

Food and beverages provided. Perhaps we can save a little slash for a bonfire at the end of the day (if it is safe)!

Bring drums and musical instruments for the after-party!

RSVP yes OR no please- ASAP. Thanks so much!

peace and summer blessings to all! Linda

July 22-23 Cob Oven Building Workshop with professionalnatural builder Chariti Li Montez in Olympia, Washington. This two-day workshop goes from 10-6pm with a community lunch that is included in the cost of the course. We will be learning ancient and proven methods for building an earthen oven made of cob, a mixture of sand, clay and straw. Cob ovens are easy to construct and a background in building is not required. They are an excellent alternative cooking source by being low cost and low impact. You will also gain skills in material selection, building methods and techniques, design planning and sculpture. I hope you can join us in creating a beautiful, ethical and sustainable wood-fired baking oven.

Cost: sliding scale $75-$150 Location: 4027 Biscay St. NW, Olympia Washington Date: July 22-23 Time: 10am-6pm

For any further information please call 360 867 9945 or email

Visit our website to learn more about this great community resource and future events:

July 21rst-23rd BASIC PLASTERS/FLOORS with Bernhard Masterson Whidbey Island,WA This workshop will explore the versatility and application of earthen plasters. We will be doing interior and exterior plasters, window and door detail work, bah relief, and fresco applications. This is your chance to get really muddy and learn plastering techniques that you can use with your own building projects. We will be plastering over a number of different materials, including light straw clay, earth bags,and wood. Workshop begins Friday at 4pm. Bring a dish to share for dinner. Lunch provided Saturday & Sunday. Cost: $200

July 23rd - Wise Earth Ecological Landtrust - open house -(rescheduled from July 14) Interested in a revolution disguised as organic gardening? Ready to be the change? Looking for a new paradigm to live in? Come check us out

4400 sq ft greenhouses, large scale hugelkulture, green construction, gardens, orchards trails, remediation projects, 3 salvaged buildings, 8 rooms, media center, fruiting chambers, 200yr forestry plans grey water systems, humanure, sheet mulching, sacredness and so much more.... big cedar trees, big fir trees, big maple trees, so nice.

Opening Doors - new moons eve - sunday 23 july - 130pm @ WEEL - Wise Earth Ecological Landtrust

Tours every second hour, permaculture presentations 330pm 530pm - Dinner 630pm - RSVP only

Biodiesel shuttle from offsite parking - Carbon taxing in effect - Carpool/Hybrid to Single driver Motorhome $5-50

site address: 9811-192nd St SE Maltby

July 26th - Insulated Rammed Earth with Meror Krayenhoff at NW Ecobuilder Assn meeting 7-9pm Phinney Neighborhood Association - Lower Brick Building - Basement - 6532 Phinney Ave N

Contact: Thor Peterson

August 10, 6:30-8:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday, August 12-13, 10:00 am-3:00pm, Creating Garden Harmony: a Permaculture Workshop for the Urban Dweller

This three-day workshop will provide participants with an introduction to permaculture and offer skills for interpreting and applying these principles in an urban setting. Participants will have the opportunity to create hands-on permaculture garden projects that will offer the skills and experience needed to replicate them in their backyard. Specific topics include, garden planning, natural patterns in the garden, inviting wildlife into the garden, and plant and people communities. This course is designed to inspire the city gardener to think and act more permaculturally and provide resources for making further connections related to permaculture in the Seattle community. Co-sponsored by the Seattle Permaculture Guild.

The class will meet Thursday August 10, 6:30-8:30 pm, Saturday, August 12 and Sunday, August 13, 10:00am-3:00pm. Thursday's class will be held at Bradner Gardens Park. Saturday and Sunday classes will be held at the Good Shepherd Center garden in Wallingford. This intensive workshop costs $105 per person or $95 for Tilth members. Advance registration and payment is required. To register, go to

August 12/13th EARTH OVEN Coarse: Whidbey Island,WA This will be a fun and information packed workshop on building a clay oven and baking in it. Come with a sense of wonder at this ancient art of using the materials under our feet to build a wood-fired baking oven. We will cover material selection, earth mixing techniques, foundations, corbelled domes, and finish plaster. We will spend a day and a half building and if all goes well, fire and bake in it on the last afternoon. Lunch provided both days. Ancient Earth School of Natural Building PO Box 1061 Freeland, WA 98249

Eli Adadow & Marta Mulholland 1-877-673-4296

August 23 - Convergence of the Tribes: Wednesday 6:30-9pm at Linden Orchards (N. 67th and Linden in the Phinney Neighborhood). Potluck co-hosted by City Repair Seattle, NW EcoBuilding Guild, NW Biodiesel Network and the SPG.

September 8 Art of Community Northwest: Co-Opportunities for Sustainability When: Friday, Sept. 8 - Sunday Sept. 10, with possible site visits to communities in the area during the day 9/8 Where: Bastyr University in Kenmore (near Seattle) - Why: To promote and support communities that recognize and practice sustainability What: Interactive workshops/playshops, plenary speakers, music, art, fun live auction, networking opportunities, tables available for groups.

  • Meet People from Existing and Forming Communities: Ecovillages,

Cohousing, Egalitarian, Housing Cooperatives, Collectives

  • Build Real Community Where You Are: at home, at work, at church, in

other organizations

  • Tools You Can Use: Facilitation, Consensus, Ecological Assessments
  • Be More Sustainable: Green Building, Local Agriculture, Bio-Diesel,


Contribute! Submit a proposal for an inspiring activity or workshop you are willing to lead or perform: practical tools, inspiring stories and energizing activities on all levels, including a children's program. (Proposals due by June 1.) Know someone you think could lead a great session? Tell us about them. See details in the attached Call for Presentations, or contact:

Ma'ikwe Ludwig, Program Coordinator, email: , telephone: (505) 514-8180 or Gretchen Sleicher, Program Team, email:, telephone; (206) 324-1226

September 15th-30th - Permaculture Design Course - At the EcoVillage in Port Townsend, WA Instructors: Jenny Pell, Larry Santoyo, Chuck Estin, & many local guests

This course will focus on building practical design and hands-on skills for immediate application in your home, neighborhood, and community. We will examine in-depth strategies for local self-reliance, community development, and thriving local economies.

Join us in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for a 14-day intensive!

  • Permaculture design principles and methodologies
  • Reading landscapes, mapping, and site analysis
  • Patterns in nature
  • Plant propagation and seed saving
  • Indigenous cultivation, traditions, and practices
  • Perennial polycultures and food forests
  • Alternative technologies
  • Water catchment, pond building, and aquaculture
  • Whole systems theory and Ecoliteracy
  • Herbs and medicinal plants
  • Integrated animal systems
  • Passive and active solar designs
  • Natural building, Ecovillage design, and more...

Cost: $1,000 to $600 sliding scale---discounted price includes worktrade. Includes delicious vegetarian meals made from local and farm-fresh foods

Deadline to apply: September 1, 2006. $250 non-refundable deposit required.

For complete details and to register please contact Jenny Pell: or (206) 949-0496

Tel: (360) 385-1991 Cell: (206) 949-0496



Non tribe members can send event info to This info will be compiled by a rotating volunteer twice a month and posted to the permaculture website, the tribe, and emailed to the guild list. If you've planned an event, and didn't make the newsletter, take advantage of tribe and post your event there.

  • We’re going to aim for meeting once a month for folks interested in making sure the guild is running smoothly. Please come!
  • Organization of events and volunteers will be headed by whoever cares about the specific task the most! If you have an event idea, etc. consider organizing it. If not, perhaps post it on the guild’s wiki and someone else might pick it up.
  • For members who like networking online, want to check on last minute events, or post last minute stuff, etc.

check out the Seattle Permaculture Guild at and join the tribe.


  • More events needed. Please organize one and send updates to
  • collect info on PC sites around town
  • Write/share articles on any topic related to permaculture
  • Create display for tabling at events
  • Staff table at upcoming events (eg Fremont Solstice Parade)


  • Volunteer for the 2nd Annual Community Fruit Tree Harvest!

Rather than letting backyard fruit fall and rot on the ground, residents in Wallingford, Fremont, Phinney, and the University District neighborhoods can donate their surplus fruit to those who need it most - to our local food banks and meal programs.

For its second year, the Community Fruit Tree Harvest, a partnership between Lettuce Link of the Fremont Public Association and Seattle Tilth, will organize volunteers to glean healthy fruit from neighborhood trees and deliver it to local meal programs.

Meet new people, eat fruit, learn about fruit trees, and fight hunger! Come join our efforts to connect nutritious, organically grown produce to low-income individuals and families in Seattle neighborhoods.

How can you get involved and fight hunger?

Volunteer to pick fruit! To sign up, call Lettuce Link at 206.694.6754. Volunteer commitments are 2 hour shifts, August to October, Tuesday evenings and/or Saturday mornings. Visit our website at:

Donate fruit from your fruit trees! To register, call the Natural Lawn & Garden Hotline at 206-633-0224 or email Tree owners will be asked a series of questions, followed by a possible visit to determine if the fruit is healthy enough for donation and accessible. If it is, volunteers will come out to do the leg -- and ladder -- work.

from Lettuce Link - Volunteer orientation meeting for Fruit Tree Harvest events.

Our first volunteer orientation will be on Wednesday, July 26th at 6pm, held in the first floor conference room at the FPA. Address is 1501 N 45th St. There is bike and car parking behind the building off of Woodlawn. Please RSVP so I know the snack count.

Also, for any returning volunteers from last year. We've got a couple of trees that may need to be harvested before the 26th. Anyone interested? Let me know.

Thank you and see you on the 26th! Michelle

  • House of Peas Community House - 2 Rooms Available Soon!

We, Rob, Paul, Dane (14 years old), Hedy, Maria and Noah (6 years old) are a community of people who choose to live cooperatively and consciously to create a better way of life. We strive to be more than just housemates and are attempting to create a community, one in which people care for each other and this place we call home. This includes participating in various community projects, cooking, housekeeping, organic gardening and sharing one or two meals together a day. In addition, three of us have permaculture experience (a natural design methodology). We strive to take that experience and incorporate into our daily lives.

Who are we? Rob is a semi-pro soccer athlete, Paul manages an online community, Dane, Paul's son, is a creative high school student and aspiring film maker, Hedy, our resident angel, is an artist, dancer, martial artist, and cook, Maria is an herbalist, doula and life-long explorer of the ancient ways, and Noah, Maria's son, adds his own creative personality to our community. We strive to care for one another and for the natural systems that nuture us; therefore, no smoking or drugs of any kind on the property.

We practice open communication, recycling, composting, organic cooking and pesticide-free gardening and community living (an on-going personal growth experience... :)

The house, a craftsman, is a pleasant, 3 floor structure with lots of light and is 3 blocks north of Green Lake. There are 3 living rooms, 2 kitchens, 3 refrigerators, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 washers, 2 dryers, 1 large deck, 1 porch, 1 raised bed emerging garden with all day sun and 1 herbal, kitchen garden with most-of-the-day sun, 2 plum trees and 1 fig tree.

Currently, we have 1 room available, it is on the top floor, facing south, is approximately 10 feet by 13.5 feet with attic-type sloping ceiling. Another room will be available August 15th and is 10.5 x 12.5 ft. with 9' ceiling. Rent is $500 per month plus utilities. To move in you'll need first and last month's rent (no deposit).

Our house is open for people with children, couples or individuals who would like to be a part of this still developing community household. Unfortunately, we cannot have pets. We would prefer more female energy at the moment.

If you think you'd be interested in being a participant in this household, please tell us a little about yourself and what you are looking for in a community.


All this and more at Check out our wiki and post permaculture info (see May events newsletter for details).

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