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Emergent June Seattle Permaculture Guild Newsletter - May 26, 2006. Coming to you "Live " from the Village Building Convergence 6 in Portland.

Hello Seattle Permaculture Guild! Hoping all of your village building projects are going well.

All this and more at


  • May 28, Seattle Permaculture Guild Potluck at SheFarm
  • June 25, Seattle Permaculture Guild Potluck at Steve Tracys


  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • New organization for the guild
  • New ?seattlepermacultureguild? tribe on
  • Permie for hire


  • Permaculture Guild is seeking Seward, Magnolia, or Maple Leaf volunteers.
  • Art of Community Northwest seeking program proposals
  • Reminder for upcoming Permaculture classes

May 28. Seattle PERMACULTURE Guild POTLUCK At SheFarm in Columbia City. 3pm.

Shefarm is a Garden of Eden in the City of Seattle, a place to live and nourish your body and soul. A place to learn Permaculture and nurture your soul. Our lovely house sits upon almost half an acre of fruit trees, berries, flowers, herbs and edibles. Currently we are seeking women to join Shefarm community and develop the incredible potential here. Tell your friends. Please join us for the potluck and BBQ. Bring lots of goodies to cook and eat in a our Garden Sanctuary. Call me, Jokhanah, for more info 206 721-3306

Directions: 2984 South Dakota St near MLK Mapquest svp, but Due to Construction I suggest taking the back/scenic route:. Dearborn exit for I-5 from the North or East side Take Rainier Ave S, [ go south under/or from the I-90 bridge ] pass the crossroads at McClellan , but stay on Rainier also pass Walden [old Chubby&Tubby], still stay on Rainier in the right lane Next light @ Letitia St [Safeway Shopping Center on left] Take a right and go up the hill slowly [Now you might think you are in Appalachia- you are almost here! ] Stay going slow and hugging the right side of the street and take another right 34th Ave S Stay hugging the right and take another right onto S. Dakota Pass Renton Ave S and go almost up to the top of the hill and see the driveway and green mailbox. Park on S. Dakota off the street and come on In Welcome

June 25. Seattle PERMACULTURE Guild POTLUCK Come Visit Steve Tracy's garden and do a walkabout of a nearby 200+ acre local park, uniquely suitable to quickly become a food forest. The park was created entirely from condemned homes too near the Seatac aiirport. For the past thirty years over 400 home have been removed, leaving behind no trace of the homes but quite a few of the plant material was left untouched, so there are many fruit nut trees. Come help identify the edible resources currently established in this park. Time: 10:00 garden tour, Walkabout 12:00 . The walk would be about 3 miles. Please RSVP and also if you cannot walk and woulld like to ride to the park to Steve Tracy - 206-243-2620 or email Bring some lite snacks to take to park for picnic.


  • More events need. Please organize one and send updates to

  • collect info on PC sites around town
  • Write/share articles on any topic related to permaculture
  • Create display for tabling at events
  • Staff table at upcoming events (eg Fremont Solstice Parade)


1) All Seattle Permaculture events can now be posted at seattle permaculture Non tribe members can send event info to This info will be compiled by a rotating volunteer twice a month and posted to the permaculture website, the tribe, and emailed to the guild list. If you've planned an event, and didn't make the newsletter, take advantage of tribe and post your event here.

2) We?re going to aim for meeting once a month for folks interested in making sure the guild is running smoothly. Please come!

3) Organization of events and volunteers will be headed by whoever cares about the specific task the most! If you have an event idea, etc consider organizing it. If not, perhaps post it on the guild?s wiki and someone else might pick it up.

PERMIE FOR HIRE Hard working generalist looking for opportunities topractice permaculture-related skills(not only landscapes & gardens, but technologies, building, bees/chickens, etc.) Very affordable wages. Contact Kelda at 206-324-3632.


If you live in Seward Park, Magnolia, or Maple Leaf contact for a great oppurtunity to work the sustainability edge between City of Seattle and your neighbors.

ReUse Store? Open to the Public

The Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County has opened a new facility to distribute re-usable materials (e.g. latex paint, household cleaners, lubricants, lawn and garden products, and more). Materials are available at no cost. To schedule an appointment contact ?ReUse Store? staff at 206.386.4093.

Register NOW for the following Seattle Architecture Foundation Tours

June 3 & 24 - Parks, Plazas and Gardens: Spaces Between Places

An exciting conference is coming up this September 8-10 on Communities and Sustainability, sponsored by the Fellowship for Intentional Community, and we're hoping you'll come, consider leading an activity or session, and help spread the word. Here's the details:

Art of Community Northwest: Co-Opportunities for Sustainability When: Friday, Sept. 8 - Sunday Sept. 10, with possible site visits to communities in the area during the day 9/8 Where: Bastyr University in Kenmore (near Seattle) - Why: To promote and support communities that recognize and practice sustainability What: Interactive workshops/playshops, plenary speakers, music, art, fun live auction, networking opportunities, tables available for groups

  • Meet People from Existing and Forming Communities: Ecovillages,

Cohousing, Egalitarian, Housing Cooperatives, Collectives

  • Build Real Community Where You Are: at home, at work, at church, in

other organizations

  • Tools You Can Use: Facilitation, Consensus, Ecological Assessments
  • Be More Sustainable: Green Building, Local Agriculture, Bio-Diesel,


Contribute! Submit a proposal for an inspiring activity or workshop you are willing to lead or perform: practical tools, inspiring stories and energizing activities on all levels, including a children's program. (Proposals due by June 1.) Know someone you think could lead a great session? Tell us about them. See details in the attached Call for Presentations, or contact:

Ma'ikwe Ludwig, Program Coordinator, email:, telephone: (505) 514-8180 or Gretchen Sleicher, Program Team, email:, telephone; (206) 324-1226.

July 17 - August 6 Permaculture Design Course at the Bullocks Homestead on Orcus Island. Almost full! Cheaper price if registered by June 1st. For more info go to or email

May 31- June 16th Permaculture Design Certificate COURSE O.U.R. Eco-village. Vancouver Island, Canada This is a 17-day, fully residential intensive course that meets the standard requirements of the Permaculture Institute in Australia. The 72-hour PDC course provides a foundation in ecological design science and associated systems. Contact:

10-week Internship in Permaculture & Sustainable Community Design June 19th - August 25th Following the PDC, the program shifts into Module 2: a 10-week internship format which focuses on self-directed learning through full community immersion, guided instruction, hands-on exploration, and individual & group design/build projects that will enhance and build upon the skills learned within the PDC. In addition, this year we are very excited to be including in the internship a five day Eco-village & Sustainable Community Design Course facilitated by the Village Design Institute From August 28th to September 29th, participants are welcome to stay on at the eco-village for a practicum focused on harvesting, food processing and seed saving techniques.

June 26-Aug 18 Lost Valley Ecovillage and Permaculture PROGRAM Integrating Sustainability for the Land, Built Environment, and Human Communities on the Village Scale and Beyond. Near Eugene, OR June 26- August 18, 2006 October 2-October 27, 2006

August 10, 12-13 Co-conspired between Seattle Permaculture Guild and Seattle Tilth. "Creating Garden Harmony: a Permaculture WORKSHOP for the Urban Dweller" Thursday August 10, 6:30-8:30pm and Sat & Sun, August 12-13, 10am-3pm Good Shepherd Center Demonstration Garden, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N, This three-day workshop will provide participants with an introduction to permaculture and offer skills for interpreting and applying these principles in an urban setting. Participants will have the opportunity to create hands-on permaculture garden projects that will offer the skills and experience needed to replicate them in their backyard. Specific topics include, garden planning, natural patterns in the garden, inviting wildlife into the garden, and plant and people communities. This course is designed to inspire the city gardener to think and act more permaculturally and provide resources for making further connections related to permaculture in the Seattle community. Co-sponsored by the Seattle Permaculture Guild. This intensive workshop costs $105 per person or $95 for Tilth members. Advance registration and payment is required. Contact Seattle Tilth at (206)633-0451

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