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Open Space 2100 Open Space Seattle: 2100, a design and planning process to formulate a 100-year vision for Seattle's comprehensive open space network.

Northwest Tree Alliance Northwest Tree Alliance is dedicated to producing educational events and programs honoring humans, trees and our shared environment.

Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition Dedicated to the preservation of outdoor recreation opportunities, wildlife habitat, and natural areas in Washington State.

Northwest Environmental Education Council Our objective is to provide opportunities for environmental education and training to youth, environmental professionals, and the general public by disseminating information through public workshops, seminars and lectures; training teachers to incorporate EE into their curriculums; and assisting in school-based EE programs.

EarthCorps EarthCorps restores parks and open spaces while providing leadership and community service experiences for young people from the United States and around the world.

Audubon Society of Seattle "cultivates and leads a community that values and protects birds and the natural environment."

Cascade Land Conservancy “works with landowners to voluntarily protect their most cherished natural lands… for generations to come.”

Center for Environmental Citizenship “works to build leadership, ignite youth power, and replenish the environmental movement with a diverse base of innovative emerging leaders”

Conservation Strategies “works with conservation and government leaders to promote the protection of the Northwest's resources, communities, and natural habitats.”

Center for Environmental Law & Policy “takes action to leave a legacy of clean, flowing water in Washington's rivers and streams”

Earth Ministry “helps connect Christian faith with care and justice for all creation.”

Northwest Environment Watch “research and communication center based in Seattle.”

People for Puget Sound “citizen's organization… to educate and involve… people in protecting and restoring the land and waters of Puget Sound"

Futurewise“public interest group working to keep overdevelopment from consuming farms, forests and rural areas, while making our cities and towns great places to live.”

[[| WA State Dept. of Ecology: Beyond Waste Project]]“will guide Washington toward preventing wastes from being generated in the first place.”

[[| Environmental Coalition of South Seattle]] works “with Puget Sound businesses and neighborhoods for an environmentally responsible community.”

[[| Washington Toxics Coalition]] “protects public health and the environment by eliminating toxic pollution.”

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