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Hi Friends of City Repair --

We would so love your help getting out the word about our upcoming Street Painting Day, Sept 26th, on Stone Ave N, between 80th & 81st. Painting Party starts at noon, and we are especially looking for helping hands ahead of time. Any way you support us would be most appreciated!

Painting Day is coming soon -- September 26th! This is exciting -- the moment many of us have been waiting for. Lots of work has already gone into this and we are excited to finally share this in a big way! We have our supplies purchased and ready, Departments of Neighborhoods and Transportation are in full support, and we're hoping for nice weather. It has even been covered on the evening news (Q13). This will be a fun event and we will all enjoy the results over the months and years to come.

If you have any time that you could spare this week, I have a beautiful stack of flyers (with sneak peaks of the design) created by Andrea Moon that really want to find their way to neighborhood doorsteps, bulletin boards and shop windows. Would you help deliver them?

We could also use help on Painting Day itself, and possibly the day before -- preparing the street, quality control and energy flow guidance, clean up needs, general hosting and other tasks. Would you consider taking on a task or portion of a task? We need many hands AND some extra leadership.

Also, whatever you can do to talk this up, sending out your own e-mails, etc. will benefit the project.

Please be in touch with me soon if you can help.

Thanks in advance,


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Page last modified on September 21, 2010, at 08:10 PM