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LOVING LOCAL - Celebrating the renaissance of community

  • 6 p.m. Local POTLUCK
  • 7-9 p.m. ACTIVITIES

Films, Games, Brainstorming, Networking, Creating, Informing, Inspiring and In-action activities all around Local and Sustainable Come and co-create possibilities in a local economy renaissance

All Wednesdays in January

  • January 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
  • Cost: $5-$15 (money isn't our only form of currency)

Fertile Ground Community Center

  • 311 - 9th Ave. SE (behind Olympia Library)
  • Downtown, Olympia, WA

Facilitated by: Susie Kyle (farmer & activist) & Marisha Auerbach (permaculture educator)

Zone Zero: A body-based permaculture fundamentals workshop With Marisha Auerbach and Nala Walla

  • January 27-28 - 1pm Saturday to 4pm Sunday.

WORKSHOP INFO: spend the weekend in a hilltop yurt learning a wholistic permaculture curriculum that stimulates the body and spirit as much as the brain. we will introduce fundamental permaculture principles, then utiliize arts various arts practices and games in order to integrate this knowledge. intellectual knowledge will be transformed into deep understanding and body wisdom. activities will run the gamut between yoga sessions, meal sharing, visual and lecture presentations, improvisational games and a slumber party saturday night. space is limited to 20 participants, so register early!!!

PLEASE NOTE: this will be a rustic gathering in a yurt where we will all share responsibilities for cooking, cleaning, camping chores, etc. participants will bring food items from a preorganized list, and we will assemble the ingredients into delicious meals-dinner on saturday, breakfast and lunch on sunday. your cooperation with these tasks helps to keep these workshops affordable to all, so thank you in advance.

accomodations will also be rustic. bring a sleeping bag and pad to get cozy in the yurt, or bring a tent if you want more privacy. also, bring flashlight, warm layers and boots.

cost: sliding scale $100 to $60 or trade. please contact marisha to arrange 360.943.5262

June 18th-August 24th, 2007


O.U.R. ECOVILLAGE 25 acre model/demonstration sustainable village is home to TOPIA: The Sustainable Learning Community Institute. OUR 2007 summer Natural Building Skillbuilder is changing somewhat and is specializing this year in working with a moderate to high level of experience natural building learner/participant. Historically OUR work has focused on developing relationships with engineers and regulatory authorities in order to demonstrate/legitimize the natural building movement further (in Canada but also further a field). This years program will combine both hands on work on 1) the second phase of constructing OUR “Community Art Studio”, 2) a small focus on the “Chillage” and “The Climate Change Demonstration Building”, 3) and design and layout work with OUR nine home eco-housing cluster. The practical work is interspersed with a technical/theory focus that builds on a participant’s knowledge from introductory natural building programs that they might have taken. This course is mostly suited to upcoming home-owner builders, and those folks who imagine themselves working on construction contracting projects in the future. Preference is given to those applicants who have already completed their introductory level of natural building construction and/or demonstrate an avid desire to learn a professional level of building. Program includes presentation, personal study, guest speakers, guest teachers and field trips. Please tour under “Programs” for further information and application.



Teaching Assistant position available for a 10 week training program in Natural Building. This course is geared more towards participants who have a background already in natural building and/or conventional building and therefore not offered as an introductory training. Focus will include working with ‘regulatory authority’ aspects; building codes, engineer partnerships and blending somewhat with convention building methodologies (within the ethics of the natural building movement). This would be an ideal position for an individual (maybe with family) who might wish to work with a team of very high level teachers (Elke Cole – Designer Architect, a new team member who is coming into Canada with a solid background in design, testing, building to code experience, and is by background an accredited teacher, plus local and international guest teachers throughout). This position would provide an excellent learning community experience for someone who wishes to ramp up their building knowledge/experience, develop further skills in group facilitation and/or team teaching, and works well in a community oriented project focus as set in an ‘ecovillage’ environment. The Art Studio project being completed is a special building focused on becoming a “Legacy Project” for the wider community (recognized by Provincial Government). Offer is for dates: June 1st- August 31st, 2007 and compensation includes inclusion in all special programming through OUR ECOVILLAGE (all summer curriculum, special workshops, guest instructors in all programs and Permaculture Design Certification if desired), all site costs/food costs/full time cook, and some field trips. For further information please contact or visit

JUNE 1ST-JUNE 15TH, 2007


The Permaculture Design Course is a 15 day intensive course combining theory with practical hands on learning. Participants will learn Permaculture design principles & techniques. The course includes lectures, discussions, hands-on, slide shows, field trips and design projects. We will examine the underlying assumptions of the current culture of consumerism and economic globalization, and encourage exploration of ways to contribute to the emergence of a culture of sustainability, compassion and equity. The Permaculture Design Certificate course covers a broad range of subjects to provide a holistic overview of Permaculture systems and sustainable living. Large team of teachers from local bio-regional and international teaching circles with a focus of urban to rural Permaculture design. This is a special program hosted at OUR ECOVILLAGE a 25 acre model demonstration sustainable village and is offered as an introduction to OUR regular Skillbuilder programs (1/2 tuition if registered in regular Skillbuilder Program). For further details visit under “Programs”

JUNE 18TH – AUGUST 24TH, 2007


O.U.R. ECOVILLAGE’s Permaculture Design Skillbuilder offers a unique opportunity that will build skills and competence throughout the growing season. This is a three to four-month, fully residential program where a balance of practical hands-on learning and theoretical class time will be achieved.

Option 1: Sustainable Food Production -Participants will be involved in running the organic food production systems on site for the community. A wide array of organic-based ideas and techniques will be explored and practiced such as no-till, bio-dynamic, bio- and french-intensive and permaculture.

Option 2: Ecological Landscaping – Paricipants will be involved in the design and build out of a very special project surrounding ‘The Healing Sanctuary’. This landscaping design explores sacred geometry, feng shui, stone work, water systems, edible landscaping and a deep knowledge base in ornamentals, trees, shrubs and detailed planting knowledge. Both program allow participants the opportunity to build skills more commonly found in an apprenticeship. Each participant will develop their own experimental garden plot and explore opportunities to further advance their knowledge in specific areas of interest through self-directed, personalized projects. We have created a program that offers a supportive environment for self-motivated and self-directed students of sustainable living. Students can hone their interests by living and learning in an eco-village community setting. While living in this setting, a structured daily rhythm within weekly themes offers participants a unique blend of formatted instruction balanced with open time to focus on individual or group directed projects. For further information tour under ‘programs’

also coming soon:

Weekend Permaculture Certification Course in Portland (January – April, 2 weekends per month)

Events in Tacoma in February with the newly formed Tacoma Permaculture Guild January 29 and February 3

Mount Shasta Permaculture Design Course in April

Stay tuned Hope to see you soon

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