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Present: Albert Ijan Postema, Eva Luna, Michael Manahan, Kelda Miller& Sylvia Hales

I. How to make decisions?

  • procedures/protocols for blocking
  • set an investigative committee - truth finding, suggest solutions
  • sleep on it
  • only vote on decisions that require expediency - set criteria for what necessitates that need & reapply consensus process ("do we all agree this necessitates a vote because a decision needs to be made quickly?" km)
  • utilize subcommittees &/or counsels (elders, advisors)
    AGREED to use consensus with caveat about voting & understanding of how/when to use blocking option

II. Board Structure

  • proposed 5 person woman majority and 1 elder
  • wisdom/elder counsel
  • community member participation on board
  • evolving board structure

Set Goals

  • establish founding/guiding principles
  • reassess structure of board after goal is met
  • establish trust & relationship with one another
  • interim basics for incoming community
    AGREED to 5 person board with woman majority with intent to find elder to serve in meantime, use counsel with elder from community at large. Set goal and purpose of board when reach goal, reassess

III. Paid Board

  • legally may not be able to pay non-profit board. could pay a corporate board
  • staff could be paid or contract services
  • where will $ come from?
  • reciprocity - compensation/balance comes in many forms
  • establish goal of board
    AGREED non monetary reciprocity

IV. Electronic Meetings

  • utilize wiki page for posting instead of email - allow to work on same doc
  • proposal based postings
  • work on founding principles
    AGREED Kelda will set up wiki page & find out how to post pictures/graphics

Mission Statement

  • conservation
  • agriculture - food growing
  • outreach - education & growth
  • Sylvia will begin a draft to post

Vision Statement

Purpose of board and community

  • Purupose of board to provide fiscal and stewardship oversight. set in place guiding principles to hand over to community


a. permaculture
b. organic standards
c. ecological
d. social
e. spiritual
f. artistic
g. growth
  • keep wording simple and clear
  • permaculture ethics and principles "care for the earth, care for people and use surplus to sustain caring"
  • equal value or worth of all beings - non dominating
  • work from power within
  • importance of pictures/images
  • Eva will work on logo/symbol for WEEL - wheel, mandala
  • proposal based intro to principles
  • focused collective work on principles or each one take a principle to flesh out
  • post to wiki page - initial beside changes
  • everyone present was committed to meeting and working toward goals

Next Meeting

  • mid summer around solstice. will meet via web in interim
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