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I can supply a slide projector and small screen (old fashioned) if requested Instructors may need a digital projector (I can share mine if I'm there only) Lighting setup in the greenhouse and house (where are lights, cords, etc., I brought in lamps for the house last time, do we need more?) Large hot water urn Tea bags, individual coffee makers, etc. (info about whether we are supplying coffee; note: I'm a coffee drinker so that's something I run into) Portable chairs, pads, blankets, warm slippers (if we are doing the shoes off the carpet thing again) i.e. warm and comfy during the lecture portions Sun protection when the sun comes out in the greenhouse (hat, glasses, lotion) Specific tools for each weekend (i.e. work gloves, pruning shears, drawing supplies, etc) Carpet for classroom area? Water for the weekend

That's all I can remember for now. Will check wikiup when time allows. Nice to meet, see you all! Heidi

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