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In the off chance there are some readers who’d like to know how I’m voting, I’ve compiled these endorsements, aka ‘cheatsheet’. Yes, it’s bold. Will it help or hinder my candidates for me to support them? Who knows? The best part is, my email will surely be full this week if I have made a poor decision.

(Remember I’m just a guest columnist at The Herald, these are not the opinions of the paper).

First off, I am so excited about the ranked choice voting ballot! For real, you can vote for who you really want, and if that person fails, your vote goes to your second choice. This is a breath of life for third parties who never get votes because of the ‘spoiling’ factor. Spoil no more!

County Executive: Calvin Goings. He’s worked on many of the issues I care about, and he’s the most likely one to see at a community meeting. This has been true for years. Assessor-Treasurer: Beverly Davidson (just sounds the best in the pamphlet). Sheriff: Paul Pastor, although dignity, respect, and jail overpopulation are of course valid issues. County Council #2: A perfect race for ranked choice! That’ll be the strongest anti-sprawl first, Carolyn Merrival, and then Al Rose just to make sure.

Then, on to the yellow ballot. How I wish these races were ranked choice too! Wah!

985: No! Busses work best when they can move forward, Tim. Plus, easy mass transit makes everyone’s lives easier. I’m tired of this crap. 1000: Tough, but Yes. A mom of mine in Oregon who works with hospice tells me that the patient’s option to die has mobilized communities to better take care of their terminally ill. 1029: Sure. It would be best with a universal health care plan to pay for it all. But that’s another issue. Pi. Co Charter Amendment: Why not? Sound Transit: YES already! Even my parents are thinking about riding. And that’s saying a lot.

President/VP: Well, that all depends on voting day. Blue or green? Blue or green? I’ll check the polls and probably vote Cynthia McKinney, assured that Washington will go Democrat. Don’t all of you do it! If Obama wins, let’s remember to send him lots of postcards reminding him to change all sorts of things.

Governor: Christine Gregoire. I think she’s doing a really good job. Although she could use a few postcards too.

State offices: It’s pretty embarrassing but I looked carefully at each race and I’ll just vote Democrat all through it. Although I will give a shout out to Randy Dorn, who’d like to overhaul the WASL. So would I. Puyallup Fire Department Annexation: Yes, if it was a bad idea you’d think there’d at least be a statement against it.

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Page last modified on December 12, 2008, at 05:23 PM