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To be decided by board:

How will beginning residents be decided? Will they decide among themselves how to add further members?

How will utilities and other land fees be set up? Main house: $350 per room (x4 rooms= $1,400). Cabin: $500. Total: $1,900.

Besides the rent formula that Michael outlined in his proposal, is there an expectation of payment of utilities, taxes, insurance? what if a 'renter/member' leaves the property, do they get any equity return or is it simply a rent situation? what's the conflict resolution process?

Should we direct them in any way to set up their own visioning/ guiding process, etc?

How will they interact with classes and other activities? Request for Privacy Boundaries and Use/Visitation Notification Courtesies:

 With respect for the occupants, I would like to propose that the

considered private unless there is a scheduled event or a call-in visitation (24-hour notice required). Event scheduling should be


by the board of directors, and the occupants should receive a


of two weeks (14 days) notice.

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