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Seattle Permaculture Guild - Member Map

Using Google Personal Maps I have created the following map where we can add tags for members and permaculture points of interest. It should allow people to see what is happenning in their own neighborhood more easily. If you want to be added or have an interesting site you would like to see added, send an email, with details, to seattlepermacultureguild at (ST 01/09/09)

Go to: Member Map

Please note that no specific addresses are listed, unless you want it. You may also just want to place yourself at your favorite meetup spot in your neighborhood, instead of pinpointing your residence. Google can also provide directions to the spot you choose. The site is partially private in that they promise not to include it searches. Although anyone who follows the above link will be able to see it.

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Page last modified on February 23, 2009, at 09:01 AM