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Green Building & Salvage Related Resources

Deconstruction & Supplies:

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  • New Spaces from Salvage, by Thomas O'Gorman
  • Building With Junk, by Jim Broadstreet
  • Prescriptions for a healthy House by Paula Baker, Erica Elliott & John Banta
  • A Guide to Planning, Building & Maintaining a Healthy House by Dan Morris
  • The Healthy Household by Lynn Marie Bower
  • Environmental Building News
  • Your Green Home by Alex Wilson Book
  • Building Materials for the Environmentally Hypersensitive, CNHC
  • Builder's Guide to a Mixed Humid Climate by Joseph Lstiburek

This Information provided by:Jon Alexander, Sunshine Constrction LLC

The Sensible House, the first 5thStar Built Green Home in Seattle.

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