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Sustainapedia NW This Wiki site is offered to both the participants of the Confluence and the greater sustainability community of the Northwest as a potential gathering place for information, resource sharing and collaboration. Please click 'edit' and add more!

General Sustainability

SCALLOPS The mission of SCALLOPS is to network, support, and advance sustainability initiatives in towns and neighborhoods all over Puget Sound. Through outreach, education, and community-building opportunities, we facilitate the cross-pollination of best practices, inspire and support new groups, troubleshoot challenges, and mobilize action on behalf of regional sustainability.

Sustainable Seattle Sustainable Seattle is a resource and a catalyst for urban sustainability.

City of Seattle, Office of Sustainability and Environment with City agencies, business groups, nonprofit organizations, and other partners to protect and enhance Seattle's distinctive environmental quality and livability.

Seattle Peak Oil Awareness group Seattle Peak Oil Awareness is a local citizens action network offering information and practical ideas for living in a time of reduced energy availability. Working in small, focused groups we advocate healthy, sustainable living choices for all interested residents in the Puget Sound region

Foundation for Sustainable Community Our Purpose: We offer community-building events, workshops and cooperatives as well as other educational and experiential events, focusing on areas such as green technology, permanent agriculture, and living authentic and meaningful lives.

DesignTrek As a social worker, sustainable living and development are my areas of passionate interest. I collaborate with people on design projects that create resilient, food producing, water harvesting, energy generating, waste recycling, affordable, healthy homes and communities. My website is a toolbox of ideas and resources. -Jonathan Scherch, professor at Antioch Seattle

WA State Dept. of Ecology: Toward a Sustainable Washington provides “you with inspiration and information about sustainability” and highlights “some of the steps that we here at Ecology are taking to foster sustainable communities and natural resources within our state.

UW Landscape Architecture Program Landscape Architecture can make an essential contribution by understanding and addressing the cumulative impacts of people on sites, of sites on landscapes, and of landscapes on people and natural systems.


Urban Agriculture



Social Justice


Local Economics




Permaculture-minded Businesses or what permaculturists in Seattle are doing to make money :)




Food and Health


Neghborhood Resources



Capitol Hill

Central District?

Columbia City

Lake City


Phinney Ridge

University District

West Seattle

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