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Permaculture Sites Around Seattle or places that will interest you...

  • Cascade People's Center A community area in the Cascade neighborhood (by the REI), with Cascade Park (rainwater collection, p-patch gardens, drought-tolerant landscaping, native plant communities) and a building that is going through an eco-renovation (passive solar heating, photovoltaic panels, rainwater catchment, biological filtration of greywater). Large wormbin/bench/trellise currently being built, to get involved email Address is 309 Pontius Ave. North. Link to either the Community Center or the Renovation Website.
  • Edible Hedgerow on 105th Designed and planted by Kevin Burkhart in the Maple Leaf Neighborhood, this hedgerow sits atop the hill over Nathan Hale Highschool and has many favorite permaculture plants (Sea Buckthorn, Autumn Olive, Figs, Berries, Hazelnuts, etc)
  • Seattle Tilth Demonstration Garden outside the Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford. This site, besides having a beautiful community p-patch, has constant demos of garden and sustainability techniques in the area run by Seattle Tilth Association Check out the herb spiral, greenroof (on the North side of the greenhouse), french drain system, composting, worm bin, polycultures, etc!
  • Master Gardener Wedgwood Demo Garden Just north of Picardo p-patch gardens on NE 82nd St just east of Ravenna Ave NE. All organic and several beds demonstrate edible plants. Mine (the "edible landscaping" bed), shows perennial vegetables, root crops, and edible flowers. - Caitlin Pensak
  • Phinney Neighborhood Center. Community center for the Phinney Ridge neighborhood, this building uses rainwater to flush toilets. The center also runs the 'Well Home Program' with classes and a tool lending library for various projects. Classes at the Phinney Center often include topics such as Permaculture, Biodiesel, Rainwater Catchment, Photovoltaics, etc., as well as hosting the NW Ecobuilding Guild's meetings. If you want to chat about Permaculture talk to Mike Broili or Emily Heindsmann
  • Bradner Gardens Park This park is an amazing example of community activism a decade ago that now has beautiful results. The park has p-patch gardens, a Master Gardeners Ornamental Garden, wildlife habitat put in by the Washington Native Plant Society and a Demonstration Garden by Seattle Tilth. AND there is a very ecologically designed toolshed/bathroom/classroom building with Photovoltaic Array, Rainwater Catchment and even Sunflower-Seed Panelling on the classroom walls. Check out the Bradner website
  • Gaia's Paradise on Vashon Island is a permaculture project in self-sustainability, beginning 2005. There are 2 wetland creeks, a slope with the 2nd log cabin built on Vashon, a quaint cabin, large lawn converted to food...fruit and nut tree orchard in the making, and much more. Please visit and click on the folders with a month and year in the file name. Linda and John Crutcher have diverse learning opportunities available, and potential for one more intern. Email Linda at
  • Georgina has a home for rent that's ideal for developing into a permaculture site: organic, riverbottom soil, southern exposure, fruit trees, 100' of waterfront along the Duwamish River in Tukwila. The very large yard contains a chicken coop and place for goats. I live next door. I'm interested in renting out this home (1920s 3BR/1BA home) to people who are interested in the potential of setting up rainwater harvesting systems, sustainable gardening systems, and so on. Give her a call at 206-444-9695
  • diatomaceous earth
  • lawn care
  • raising chickens
  • flea control
  • cast iron skillet
  • forums for talking about permaculture
  • What is Permaculture?
  • Homesteading Podcast
  • Homesteading
  • Permaculture Podcast
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