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My thoughts on primitive living skills

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What materials/tools are fair game to be considered primitive? (Especially when we are attempting to meld with slightly more modern tools involved w/"Permaculture")

True primitive peoples never worried about this, I'm sure. Would they have used modern tools that they had found from some abandon, but more "modern/advanced" civilization.

So back to my original question. If I stumble upon(sounds like some familiar website?) an abandon or underutilized woodworking shop, should I utilize all the hand tools that I could find there(electricity might not be available), or should I encase it in stone and erect "do not enter" signs.

I guess my underlying thought is that with just the use of the word primitive, we are implying a backword progression of skills/tools from our current ones. True "Primitive" peoples probably thought of themselves as progressives! Inventing new ways of doing things all the time.

Steve wonders: How to stay warm in winter, primitively. Burning things and having a cuddle mate are the only two I can think of. A fire pit (inside?) or a cast iron woodstove(how was the cast iron made?)? Blankets/weaving/looms. Knitting needles made from whale bone or steel found from recycling an old bed spring?

A key question might be where to consider "Sustainbility" in all of this. Doing cast iron may not be a "Sustainable" way forward. So, is utilizing the cast iron stoves currently in existance, sustainable? Some people think that burning biomass for heat is not sustainable!(at least on the scale that may be required).

So do you utilize your car slave until you can't get repair parts, then ride the bus until fuel runs out or no spare parts, then ride your bike until you can't get rubber for the tires anymore, then walk. Or do you create a village where you can walk everywhere, recycle all the car, bus parts into long lived tools for living a closer life with the land, growing food, shelter, and clothing materials.

I prefer the latter and might just start a business called "Quantum Leap Solutions". I don't think we have time for incremental solutions any more!!!


Candles? - beeswax w/hemp or flax wicks or

LED lights w/solar panel/batteries?

Village Comunication

Sweat lodges - smoke signals - trail making - yodleing(sp?) or

WiFi - interconnected MACs

Will there be villages or just nomads?

Nomads can't carry around many tools, regardless of how they are made.

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