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Steve's Permaculture Garden Open and Permaculture Resource Center

My opening day will be March 17th, 2010 and be open every Wednesday, 8am to 10pm, indefinately. I may open one weekend day, after I finish a refresher weekend PC course soon starting on Vashon Island.

My neighborhood is Boulevard Park, newly located in Burien, but on the edge of Seattle, SeaTac, Tukwilla and Burien.

The property has been in my family for approximately the past 50 years of which I have had a great influence on the plantings and other projects including energy efficiency remodeling. Having been a Seattle Tilth volunteer off and on again over the past 30 years I had already focused on edible landscaping, before taking a permaculture course 18years ago. I became the owner 5 years ago and have focused more on permaculture development, since.

I want to develop a model for a neighborhood permaculture resource center. A place to drop-in, hangout, work on projects. I have collected an extensive permaculture library. I have a workshop with hand tools and sufficient power tools to offer for any type of construction projects. I have a home based metal casting shop with which I recycle aluminum into useful products and functional art. I have a small greenhouse that I am working on to finish. etc..... I have a good handle on sourcing recycled materials to help others with their projects.

I will be starting many more projects and offering others to stop by to watch progress or help. Examples are building cold frames, rain water collection and use, cob construction, including a cob oven, cob hot tub, rocket stove, biochar stoves, natural building techniques using whole timber architecture, etc...

I intend to post many more pages on this website, showing the many projects happening at my place,and their progress. Most all of the picture on the HomePage are ones I have taken at my place or close by from my frequent walks in a nearby park.

I will be making a formal announcement of my intentions to the Seattle Permaculture Guild Meetup(.com) on Monday March 15th and will not post my address here. If you are interested, but not a SPG meetup member you can email me at mailto: geodesic (dot) steve at

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