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From my journal. The Village Building Convergence is a 10day event throught Portland to create community spaces that often incorporate natural building and permaculture. It's an event put on by City Repair, which started 10 years ago when neighbors in the sellwood neighborhood took over their intersection. I stayed at the 'Lighthouse' during the event, with folks who ripped out a part of their gardens to make space for community benches/altar/library etc.For pictures from this event go to the Seattle Permaculture Guild 'picture' page on click on the link I've set up.

May 20 Overlooking skatepark before dinner. Creativity

	Apples have set fruit in portland, perfect time to thin. Nickel-sized to quarter-sized
  • Inspired to learn words for what I already know about soil. Why it feels so different between here and home. Why its so different between 14th and 24th in Ballard. And what does it mean? I’ll just start with tons of little glass jars with labels, settling out...
  • Completely overwhelmed being here. Almost in shock to be separated from my simple little life. I can relate to how students feel on their first day of a pdc. And last night, Totally overwhelmed and a little scared about this pull to go to New Orleans. Trust. I found something coming out of my mouth today at Marisha’s class that helped: Patterns to details can mean not being overwhelmed by the details of a system, but first learning the rhythm of a system, and then learning to speak in that rhythm. Then the details have a cadence to fall into.

And here I am, overwhelmed by activity and beautiful people and deep possibilities and my own insecurities about creating a life for myself and practicing this. Maybe I should just work on rhythm for awhile. On getting up in true mornings and breathing. On siestas and connections and serenity. Up and out, down and deep. And so many words from others, what matters most is the infrastructure: presence, humility, the way information is shared perhaps being more important than the information itself, Sincere interest.

  • And not yet have I had time to reflect on Noam’s class, but mostly: am overjoyed those kids know what south means, And I really need to practice making magic, holding energy, changing consciousness at will. Ive been very shy, insecure, afraid of embracing that role. But when you’re in the role of the teacher, people want you to do that. Hold the energy, excitement, and then inspire play, and the others to hold that energy themselves, ground it, take it home. Just because ‘ritual’ and ‘learning’ or even ‘partying’ apparently seem like different things in this culture, they of course aren’t. All of us wake up in the morning with this energy and we’re just itching to give it to something meaningful and then have that Giving return nourishment to us somehow. Each day. Wake up listen question give receive speak nourish sleep. Everyday a ritual, a rhythm. And, to return to the point, those kids being strangled by the school system..... The universe doesn’t care what my insecurities are, it says ‘grow up. share’ And these kids want something that makes sense to them. Looking for magic. Gulp breathe learn.
  • Cob. Equal parts sand, earth, clay. Water and stomp. Straw sprinkled on and stomp. Of course Oregon earth has a lot more clay, but the clay shovelfuls cant heap that high anyway. So it works out. Learned cob mixing, ‘folding in’ with tarp, and how to create those crisp corners, and that of course cleaning muddy feet is like cleaning spinach (buckets work best). Bluegrass music. And very impressed by Pat’s facilitation: all materials were ready to go, explained project, we dived in, with enough people rotating naturally around so that we met new people and could teach each other what we knew. Willing workers who aren’t shy helps a lot. Water handy. rest easy, and it doesnt disrupt process to step out for a bit. Very well done. Not enough food though, oh well.
  • Making pasta. 7/8 cup semolina flour, 1 egg (although a goose egg is like 3), milk/soymilk to consistency. Roll, and what was that machine doing? Also learned from Natalia that pasta draped on saplings can look like beautiful transluscent skin getting hard and peeling off.
  • Seattle. Olympia. Portland. Seattle? So big! No lack of energy! Lack of catchment systems. What can catch us in Seattle, create fertile spots that nourish us? That share information, knowing that that information is power. I feel like we’re all working inside some kind of a system that doesn’t nourish us, it scatter us. Yes like seeds, but seeds that never get watered. So we keep trying more seeds, and more, and more. But the soil isn’t holding water and things grow so so slowly. We need a swale. We need to figure it out, I’ll ask the others.....
  • Will email u-dist city repair about Emily (or Cheryl’s) $0 grant idea.....
  • Presentations. Great idea to have the art gallery in space near guest speakers. You can still listen while not necessarily having to sit: stroll and look at art. And, great idea to have a slide show on one side of a non-square space while speaking is going on. CCEJ woman’s got distracting thought with needing to restart it.
  • Try-on’s skit. Great group reflection in doing a skit about ourselves, and acting of ourselves dramatized. Realize our own ridiculousness, and others can see that I know Im being ridiculous, and vice versa.
  • City repair happened because the cit was ready, but it also happened because something was ready in Mark Lakeman. What do I need to do in able to be ready to build bowers out of the seeds at my feet?
  • Space feels special when its shaped into separate ‘rooms’.

May 21. Light. On pillows after bodyversity playfulness. Song sparrows have different song here. Flocks of small red-gray birds where in Seattle I’ll see them more solitary.

Tired but somewhere peaceful. A lot of walking today. I learned a lot about Portland’s streets. Seems very quiet for being a city. And the ‘strips’ still seem very long, not really village like. Seattle does have many gifts Im now recognizing. Geography which gives rise to natural neighborhoods with real geographical boundaries rather than ‘quadrants’ . We have urban bioregions which are very real. Most of them being hills ( U-District, Phinney, Capitol Hill), some of them valleys (Fremont, Ballard, Madison Valley). A lot that were probably gullies/ravines ( Downtown). Something really beautiful to work with. Distinct climates that the earth touches differently in each place.

  • And Oregon’s soil. Met Rick Valley today. He talked a lot about his natural history observations to link it to ‘permaculture’ actions (but without the permaculture philosophy even spoken), made easy sense to newcomers. Good idea for tilth 2day.

Also finding myself very proud of Seattle for having Seattle Tilth. These brand new gardeners asking Rick how to grow a vegetable. Every town needs a place like Tilth to learn the basics and have a place to ask questions. (And Tilth needs to be well supported, not needing to beg for $, but in touch enough with needs of the community to be constantly refined)

  • What did I learn about teaching today? Examples of Eeyore and Tigger. Remember: I do have something exciting to share, but also remember people dont want to hear about it ad nauseum. Just quickly get to the place where everyone gets to play.
  • And also, yes, habitat for humanity, please universe I want to learn how to build. Thank you for your guidance this morning. Why was Lauren so good to work with? He thought I could do it. He’d say ‘I think this is what’s hanging you up’ rather than ‘No. That’s wrong’. He’d say ‘Do you mind if I help’ everytime instead of ‘Here let me do that.’ Thank you. And so maybe Im still a little crummy putting my chi into a screwgun, but Im much better at a jigsaw than I’d previously thought. Bosch is a good brand. A good way to put posts down easy on already existing floors: Straight screw sandwiching a slightly larger than circumference piece. Straight screws from that piece to the floor. No toenails.
  • My own need for aloneness and earth. I guess this area has hard sub-tropical soils, washed by Missoula. And Im used to glacial crushed/pushed soil of all different types. I wonder if what makes clay work for me is some sand? I so wonder about the airiness of clay after a few rains, if sitting on a solid surface. Why does that happen?
  • More about cob. Remember stickiness, and there are hippie jews in pt. angeles and helsinki, and straw corbling burritos that work with smear. Give advice in positives, not negatives, especially not negatives with no solutions given. And yes, Romania works in villages. And damn there a lot of woman who are as active as me who have kids on top of it too! I guess Im so impressed with Kit and Pat because Im so used to burnt out parent energy that everyone is supposed to feel bad about. These folks are instead so responsible. Have good boundaries, not trying to overly shush the kids or apologize unnecessarily, but also not hesitating to just take care of the boys at a moment’s notice. No martyr energy about it. ...

May 22. Understanding. Above skatepark before dinner. Thunderstorm yesterday, rain this morning, pushes out some yellowish-brown-capped mushrooms.

  • Nice to sit with Faddah this morning, but of course even so early my brain is jumping around like crazy. It’s okay. Just knowing that Ive given myself an hour of my day just for resting the mind makes me feel good. And then yerba mate and later nap in the afternoon was perfect. A great pattern to live by for the summer: Siesta.
  • And rain also meant no cobbing, but playfulness with mosaic. All about the ‘golden mean’ and the Fibonacci series as we’re trying to make a nautilus. Applied math is really fun. I remember how exciting it would be at the Bullocks to be using math equations to get stuff done on the fly, in the field. Although now I cant remember exactly what. Could be some fun activities for a permaculture course, maybe alongside mapping and all its cool tricks.
  • When I get back Im going to get started on October course. :)

I want to spend months thinking of cool ideas. Also, so many things are possible in Seattle, talking with Angela, U Heights.... I dont know where the money’s going to come from, but I want to get really good at a lot more stuff and take my passion and just pour it into projects that benefit people, that benefit and nourish me.....I just have to figure out what that is.

  • Very grateful for the al-anon meeting today. People who are just humble and laughing and tired of the ‘being right’ game. Thank god
  • Patterns. Branching for exchange. Explosion for dispersal. Spirals for bringing in. But I still have such big questions about patterns, it has something to do with ‘why do so many of these ugly patterns work then?’ Because they obviously do.....Freeways and parking lots and strip malls....they’re patterns......everything can point to a natural example.....Hmmm. Dont know my question yet.
  • And yep. I like mosaic. I would like to play around with it if there was place that was a good priority for me.
  • What is life about again? Was thinking about it in Nala’s ‘walking’ exercise. My usual speed is fast because usually I want to get somewhere fast. I slow down when I have a good reason to. Why do I have so many things to do? Have I forgotten that it’s all going to be okay? Do I feel guilty thinking so? Remember: all this is just fun stuff to play with. Not guilt to bash myself with. Big difference. Big, big difference.
  • Back inside for another beautiful evening with the world as it could be...

May 23 Enthusiasm. Downstairs in pillows not wanting to do Heart of Now

....because I dont want to be told what to do, especially if it involves connecting deeply with a stranger. Nope. Im feeling angry for some reason. Just another beautiful day, but a lot of stuff getting on my nerves. Things which are understandable but for which I usually have more patience for. No lunch until 2, not doing the mosaic as practiced, and it taking so long I felt frustrated about getting to dinner. Who cares? It stopped being fun when.... I focused on Me and getting it done rather than about connecting and having fun with the women who showed up. I got into my narrow (hide!) mentality. Hide inside the mosaic. Hide from them because you weren’t expecting them and are shy and rather than get used to it, pretend they dont exist. Good one Kelda. Im just like a child sometimes, not wanting variations of the story that’s in my head.

  • Mosaic. Perhaps the perfectionist way to do it is with the old overhead projector trick. Use same drawing and angle with practice piece and final. Then no need to try to recreate exact pattern in thinset. And contact paper trick could work great with that too. I wonder what Yuriko and Libby did at the Funhouse? But anyhow, this is a community project, nor would I wish to be in charge. :)
  • A question brought up tonight got me crying: When is a time in your life that you’ve experienced having a lot of fun at the same time that you’ve felt like you’re making a positive change in the world? In any other mood I would have had bazillions of answers to pick from: communities, love and empowerment at the pc course, guerilla gardening...

But in this mood, Im not feeling satisfied that what is effective at creating change is fun, or that what is fun is also effective. One thing Im noticing is that I have a need for feedback. Realizing that all those high school kids cared now about where south is was totally soul nourishment for me. But other than that, this fun/effective equation is such a sore spot. First of all, what a huge privilege I have to even be able to ask this question. What a huge privilege I have to sit in my urban palace, quit my job, and wonder what fun/effective thing I’d like to do with my summer. It’s unbelievable. So few people ever get to design their lives so according to their needs and passions. But also for me to not accept it would serve noone. Everything will be fine. The universe in her infiniteness is holding us all so preciously and I trust her in this. And yet Im an activist. Just brought up something cool tonight, although he used it in a slightly different context. This work is just being channeled through us. The universe weaving her way into our daily lives by the ‘work’ of the people who for whatever reason, walk closely with her. And I like that attitude. Because it doesnt make activists ‘better’ than others. It’s not our work that make us valuable in any sense. We are All already valuable. Our work just happens, we cant help it. And my ego doesnt wish to own it. I know this. What needs to happen, happens. Im getting tired now and will stop writing soon, But why would we ever Struggle in this work for her? It just cant serve anyone to willingly suffer when we could just as easily Not. But it does help the world to work with fun and effectiveness. It all has to do with attitude, and it might have something to do with the mosaic.....

May 24 Love. Stoutest trillium Ive ever seen at Tryon Creek. White inside-out flowers blooming.

 In basement , me writing, Rob reading sipping a beer, reading Snyder, over on his couch.

Stayed in bed late, awake....enjoying not doing much, and then about my day ran into Steve and went out to Try-on Farm.

  • Was struck by the smallness of the farm compared to how much the residents have had to fight for it. But its true though, that place is on quite a fertile edge and the possibilities of what needs to happen through that farm are amazing. It also reminded me of being at the Bullocks though, so much to do. And so I remember to be grateful for my tight little urban space and pouring time into working it really well.

I still dont know quite what I’ll do when I get back to Seattle. Enjoy my own bed. Have time to garden everyday. Build stuff. Work on presentations. Cross my fingers.

  • Light straw clay. Clay slip worked onto straw until strands are brown instead of yellow. Shove it into lathe, not enough to bulge the lathe but enough to fill the gaps. And for small gaps, send the straw through a chipper first.
  • Codes and toilets. Try-on will have to get an expensive pre-fab thing to do the work of a 55gallon drum. Not sure why they arent making something themselves, but Im sure that if they could do so they would. And as far as the Puyallup project may be concerned, ‘capacity’ may be a key issue. Perhaps easy to just use the tied-into-sewer bathroom if other is maxed out.
  • Also, as far as more codes and natural building. Timber frame is well understood. Insulation can vary. The question that permitters will ask is about fully drying out, and fire retardance.
  • And all this about cob being good or not in this climate. Is anyone right? :)

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some kind of experiment, complete with controls, to figure it out?

  • When making dough into pizza crusts, dont pile them all on one plate. Will glob together and have to redo. And apparently, spelt dough is hard to hand spin.
  • Some votes booing down habitat for humanity. Will definitely look out for something by Lydia. Perhaps setting up something out at Sarah Js....if I get bored! Marilene....
  • If there’s too many hands in the cob, you can always make a goddess. Propane burners dry wet clothes fast. And I’ll be excited to hear how the camas does in the food forest.
  • Quite a bonsai collection. Tiny quinces, forsythia flowers. The plants sure look pretty. How do they feel?
  • Scheming more handoff with Steve. Am stoked to work on fleshing out the wiki instead of newsletter maintenance, even if at this point Im still spending time writing out exactly what I want, Still. Other voices, A-ok. But dont forget this and this and this....(?)
  • Quite inspiring evening. 2story cob? And wanting to scour the latest on growfood, I love it because its a way of organizing amazing amounts of information. It helps me sleep at night, (wiki wiki wiki....) And if Worldpulse can be born in 5 years and mOceaN is turning into a folk hero, it means that Puyallup is totally possible.

Am feeling more hopeful today. So many things to work on. I dont need money, I need a loving place to ground and sleep. I need good food to eat. I need a restful mind so I can relax and play. And I need my work to be play. That’s all.

May 25 Harmony. Heard hummingbirds at Share-it Square.

I dont have any words that feel right. Do I have any art? Any poetry? Any prayers?

Mary, Mother of Goodness and Joy, Please Pray for Us I am sorry for all the times when I refuse love. I am sorry for all the times when I refuse to love myself. I am sick with heartache

	sick with the despair of the world

And all I want to do with my life

	with my few remaining breaths

Is crawl inside of Hope,

	and refuse to leave.

Thank you for the rain Thank you for the silence Thank you for my own addictions

	and for the dance of confusion and uncertainties that I am always in rhythm with.

Thank you for the rain Thank you for the birdsong

	thank you, thank you, for bombarding me with magic once again. 

I want to refuse your love, to kick and scream and spit But I am also so close to giving birth

	that all my denial about it is meaningless

I dont know how to live my heart, without my ego, and feel safe.

	But you know this already

A man speaks of love, speaks words even women no longer use, and a city begins to crumble. I begin to crumble

This is a fairy tale. It’s like crawling inside of a fairy tale of hope. And together we are breathing alive the flesh of our future.

There are no more excuses for my silence.

  • Starhawk. sunflowers are great uptakers of lead but afterwards should be treated like toxic waste. oyster mushrooms love diesel and in theory are still edible because no traces of hydrocarbons are found. king stropheria inoculated in strawbales in water remove fecal coliflorums. Hydrocarbons can be rearranged by mushrooms into carbohydrates. Worms kill many pathogens in their tummies, but dont harm good bacteria

Also: having a few days to get to know people makes teaching/talking much more playful and exciting, even for pros like Starhawk

  • The difference between insulation and thermal mass. Insulation: slows interchange of air temp between two places. R-value supposedly thought up as a sales technique, when insulated we just heat up the Air in a building, etc, regular tub (hot water soon cools), can be used to direct heat (earth oven), airy/fluffy. Thermal mass: holds heat or cold and releases it out later, need to heat up not just air but whole thing (though it lasts longer), cannibal tub (longer to heat, but lasts longer), solid.

May 26 Power. In corner of art gallery, with fun sweaty reggae in the background. ‘Wilson birds’ nesting in upholstery sign on 6th.

A story that was told tonight:

	More than 1,000 years ago a  peacemaker lived among the Mohawk tribe and taught them the ways of peace and democracy. These ways are based on 3 understandings: peace within oneself, finding the good message within our hearts to share  with others, and unity  (working together to make decisions). These are to be lived by. And if for some reason peace is failing it means that something needs to be healed, grieved over, and then the people will be able to go back to the first step, peace within oneself. 
	Through many years of civil war and bloodshed the Mohawks began to understand these things. And 5 warring tribes united. They also taught their ways to the founding fathers of this country, but saw also that these fathers sought to compromise some of the basic 3 understandings, and knew that after some time this compromised form of democracy wouldn’t work. ‘You have set a place at your table for evil, and you have left the door cracked open for evil to enter.’
	And before the peacemaker left the tribe to die (’to go to the forest and wrap myself in bark’), he taught the tribe one last ceremony. He said that a time would come when strange people from across the water would arrive and claw at the white roots of peace and lift them from the ground, not understanding them. And the great tree would begin to tip over. There would be a time of fast-moving bugs with bright eyes that would carry people through the night. The sugar maples would start to die from the top down. The rivers would be full of belly-up fish. And the tree of peace would fall. And at this time the 50 tribal leaders must stand stoutly and hold that tree in their cradled arms, for if the tree were to hit the ground, humans would be plunged into such a great time of confusion and darkness that they would never be able to return. But if somehow the tree could be righted, humans could return to another 10,000 years of peace with each other and the earth.

And so the peacemaker left the village saying to pass on the sacred ceremony to the next generations, and continue to do so, but to never ever use it unless the time had come that the tree had fallen and it was thus time for his return. And so the ceremony was passed on but never used for more than 1,000 years. In the 1970’s the 50 tribal leaders astoundingly came to full consensus that it should now be performed. With one mind they did so. The prophecy that the peacemaker left also said that what would right the fallen tree of peace (and harmony with the earth), would be done by the children of the people from across the water. That they would begin to learn from the tribes and lift the tree off of the tribal leader’s arms and restore it into balance. They are a ‘duct-tape’ generation, trying to piece together a culture that makes sense so that their children can grow into it naturally. And they will have to face the sadness of slowly seeing a culture take shape but not being able to Be the children that get to flourish in it. When there work is begun progress will start to be seen after about 200 years. And they must be very careful with all their words and actions, for they are laying a foundation on which a whole new culture will be based; if this foundation is faulty it will impact generations to come. They will create small, solid communities of peace (and earth-based awareness/permaculture) and these communities will be like crystals. Slowly growing out of the earth, individually. And in time these crystals will start to grow big enough to bump into each other, until the ways of peace grow big enough to just seem normal. And for a time there will be two ways of being: the old structure and the new. And the people at this time will then decide to slough off the old, just like a snake shedding its skin. The communities of peace will just work better. And thus the peace tree will be restored.

  • I learned today that there is a place in education for the lecturer/audience model. A small place, for Im seeing very clearly that all education is at the heart self-directed and it is the role of the facilitator to create as much space for self-motivated learning as possible. But there is also a place for the storyteller, the wisdom-by-experience-sharer. And what makes those words heavy isnt that I am being told something new to me, its that Im being told something that I already know. They touch on the question in my heart I have not yet found words for but have always felt. And so, I then more strongly believe in myself and my intuitions and secret hopes about the world. And by believing that there could be words and answers for the questions in my heart, I reach out to learn more.
  • A great speaker should always be followed by one powerful poem and then a marching band.
  • How do you make ‘level’ a non-straight shape you are building? Cut a piece of plywood to fit the empty space created between the shaped object and a straight line. Secure a level to that straight side and use the new ‘shaped level’ as a guide.
  • Cob originates in Wales, Im pretty sure. So is very good for this climate (if someone is home enough to keep it warmed up). The tricky part is earthquakes, and that’s why its seldom done in two stories, or why its often done in coordination with other building types.

May 27 Joy. Rain, rain. Taking myself out to brunch.

It’s all so overwhelming. My brain feels, well, like cob with a good riddling of holes all over it in readiness for the next days addition. I feel like so, so much here is entering my soul and making me hungry for learning, doing, being. And I know that if I was more able, there would be a zillion More beautiful things i would be aware of that Im not even noticing now. But echoed over and over again in so many ways: the first things is learning love. Even if some days that doesnt seem to crumble cities or even put food on the table, the first thing will always be the clear heart that can give and receive love. And none of the other work will be any good without it. So thank goodness, one thing, easy to remember. And this one thing is so important. We can talk and build and organize all we want, and its true the talking and building and organizing create many astounding things. But whatever is in the heart of others affects me way more than anything they do. Here I’ve been especially touched by the gentleness, intention, and sincerity of mOceaN and Jon Young, by the devotion and playfulness of Starhawk, by the warmth of everyone in this community. There are no words for this, no reasoning. And it goes like an arrow straight to my soul. I don’t want to be doing any kind of work that doesn’t encapsulate this, any work that ‘needs to be done’ but is empty of joy and love. And at the same time, learning love, learning joy, is really the only thing that matters in life anyway. Just to wake up in the morning and love.

  • Not enough time at the permaculture institute, and completely failed getting out to dignity village. Learned though that finding the right folks for a collective can just sometimes take time, and that a heck of a lot can be accomplished in just a couple years on a piece of land.
  • Brock Dolman. Tells it like it is. So much I wish I could remember. The measure of a civilization is how well the water is treated in their ecosystem. Wordplay, ‘scared city’ or ‘a bun dance’ ? Story of a few creative young mexicans setting up a low-tech rain catchment/ water purifying/handwashing station for the cancun mobilization. Then being flown out to indonesia after the hurricane to set up bigger systems there. ‘The Red Cross had lots of bottles of water to deliver, but couldn’t because it was raining too hard’. (Great problem-as-solution story, should see if I can find details so I can tell it to others.)
  • Too bad to miss out on the other speakers but I was fascinated watching the calmness of the twins without Kit around. How strange the pattern is. Everything’s fine, but the kids see Mom and they instantly turn needy and whiny. How sad that Kit can’t experience her kids without her there! I wonder if I’m like that too. Everything’s fine, but I start talking to the universe and whine, whine, whine.....
  • Having a fun time with the nightly parties. And am really enjoying absence of serotonin highs in favor of more oxytocin ones. Steadier connection to my place in universe and community. As the Dalai Lama says: raising the bar instead of reaching for the sky (or something like that)

May 28 Grace. The next day at the park, sitting with chelan.

  • Mosaics take a lot of work but are great for obsessive urges.
  • Why the heck do I not have a bike yet? Critical mass is so fun! Very safe and relaxed and supportive. Someone stops to hold cars back for everyone else. All these great conversations as we’re just playfully biking around, heads turning at us and our brightness. And all the secret bike-friendly ways around the city. Also, collective knowledge and decision making, indeed very organic. As far as the tour, I was really blown away by the outdoor classroom and the corner bench/oven/kitchen in the same neighborhood. Well worth the ride. Am feeling pretty introspective though so just enjoyed everyone else.
  • The Cob cap. Well it does use cement (at Awakenings they used lime plaster instead of thinset for mosaic). BUT if this cap works for the oven it would be great to not have to build a great big roof over every one of these....
  • Connie’s place. Must go back! All sorts of simple amazing design, and in only 2 ½ years! But got distracted by Seattle folks and ecobuilding guild. oh well :)
  • Some interesting gender thoughts on the way back, as I was half-sleeping but picking up on the conversation up front. Ties into talk about the future of the project at the women’s temple and some strong emotions from one man earlier that day, will they be able to come back and see it?

Talk of single-gender education in the middle school years. How girls learn faster and the guys suffer without them. How much easier it is for the girls to find a steady sense of self-worth before going on to high school, even from the male perspective. And also about television and growth and desire and learning adulthood. and what if we all grew up in a village where we had real live People around instead? This is huge. The false forms of village we grow up in affect us so much. Are we a bunch of ‘adults’ who’ve never had good examples of maturity, and thus have really never learned How to grow up? What kind of crazy culture is this??

  • Back home. Begin again somehow. Simpler, sweeter. Do some street painting with friends. Thank you earth, thank you water, thank you rain. Thank you Faddah, thank you mOceaN, thank you Ethan and Brody’s early-morning-awake-and-alive squeals. Thank you dear friends.

Thank you portland, thank you portland. It’s time Seattle offered not just money but sincerity, offered not so much Busyness and Stuff, as Love. Amen.

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