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I would like more ideas on edibles to plant in my yard, so please add to the list what you are eating from your garden today. If you can remember, please add when you planted. Also, please include even items you may have "put up" from last year, ie. canned goods, dried produce, pickled, buried, seasonings, medicines, etc....

Although I'm personalising this startup page and I'm vegetarian, feel free to add meat to this page. As I see it, in the future this intro should be edited to ask what food/medicine did you harvest off your urban homestead today.(ST)

04/02/10 - Had an omlet made using eggs from my chickens, homemade farmer's cheese(made using kefir culture and local milk) and spaghetti sauce made from home tomatoes and home ground sausage. (LS)

03/24/07 starting Local Food Log

also, Marisha Auerbach contributed an Edible Flower list

8/21/06 - Brought back 10 pounds of fruit from park and neighborhood. Apples, yellow and purple plums.

8/11/06 - While walking the neighborhood each morning eating blackberries for breakfast, first ripe stupice and yellow pear tomatoes

7/31/06 - eating apples from park(picturew below) and japanese wine berries from last two weeks.(st)

anyone know what type this is?

third harvest from two plants.

7/12/2006 - still eating dinosaur kale, collards, fewer yellow raspberries, more red raspberries, cherries and plums from park (ST)

6/26/2006 - snow peas, strawberries, broccoli, all sorts of salad, calendula, mint, garlic tops!! (K)

6/21/2006 - Lots of golden raspberries - snap peas, goumi berres, cutting salad greens, dinosaur kale, nasturtiums, cherries from the park, small number of bamboo shoots(prefer to let them grow). Underutilized herbs - rosemary - tarragon - chives - dill - chamomile

6/19/2006 - Beets, lots of beets, and peppermint that I'm eating in salads, and using in wilting greens. (AKH) Also, the first of the purple and green broccoli (tastes the same) and I harvested the small walla walla onions to make pickled onions (a new adventure) Can't wait for the peas!

6/10/2006 - oregano, parsley, and eggs from the chickens.(AKH)

6/6/2006 - ate beet greens, a baby beet, first couple of ripe strawberries and yellow raspberries, and one ripe goumi berry.(ST)

6/4/2006 - ate raw bamboo shoot from golden bamboo, didn't need to boil.(ST)

5/19 - 6/5/2006 - eating collard greens(starting to flower).(ST)

5/1 - 6/6/2006 - eating overwintered dinosaur kale - planted Sept 05 - still going strong.(ST)

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