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How to get involved

  • Peruse the Events page and get involved with a project, come to a potluck etc.
  • We have two email lists that go out to members. Our 'seattlepermacultureguild' list is sent out bi-monthly to subscribers and gives updates on events in the area. Our 'seattlepermaculturechat' is newly created, any subscribers can send emails, and many emails may be received about permaculture topics. Through the link above you can either subscribe or just peruse the archive.
  • Activities: It's the perfect time for guerilla gardening projects around Seattle !(the winter rain takes care of any plantings). Got a good spot for it?
  • Also, as we move into winter we'll have time away from gardens and thus possibly more time to teach/learn from each other about various topics. What would you like to see happen?
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Page last modified on May 06, 2006, at 08:35 PM