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City Repair Seattle Educating and inspiring people to build community by creatively transforming public space into neighborhood gathering places.

Oracle Gatherings By infusing spirit and celebration, many people have found an open, inviting community waiting for them in the Oracle.

Puget Sound Regional Council “an association of cities, towns, counties, ports, and state agencies that serves as a forum for developing policies and making decisions about regional growth and transportation issues in the four-county central Puget Sound region.”

City of Seattle, Department of Neighborhoodbuilds “stronger communities in strong partnership with Seattle residents.”

Cooperative Living of Seattle to promote and create democratic housing, in the form of housing cooperatives, urban communes, co-housing, and group houses.

Pomegranate Foundation community design and development organization helping communities utilize their unique gifts to become more vibrant and humane.

Seattle Works inspires people to get involved in their communities.

Smart Communities Network Creating Energy Smart Communities

Communities Count developing a set of social and health indicators for King County that reflects the wealth of knowledge and experience of both residents and technical experts.

King County Benchmark Reports

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